Recently i have been feeling tired and lost weight?

Recently i have been feeling tired most of the day, and no matter how many hours sleep i have if its 10 or its 7 im still tired and i have also seemed to have lost weight. does anyone know what could have caused this? and what should i do?

Im 17 years old, very active (when not tired)

if you would like to know anything else about me to help you wid your answer just ask 🙂

Thank You


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5 Responses to “Recently i have been feeling tired and lost weight?”

  1. emptyglass said:

    maybe you have a vitamin deficiency.. hmm. i’d say go visit your GP and let him/her know. you will probably need a blood test.

  2. ... said:

    something is wrong with you, you might loose weight cos of bad nutrition or tired cos of stress and lots but both at the same time means you are not ok, you should state symptoms any headache or pains, throw up? or stomach upset?

  3. pchown said:

    You should see your doctor. If you’ve lost weight without changing your lifestyle, it suggests that your body needs the energy for something, like fighting a long term infection. If you have something like this, it needs to be treated.

  4. janus said:

    You could be a Caeliac,an Intolerance to certain Foods mostly Wheat.

    People who have this get Tired Easily,get Stomach upsets,Loose Weight.

    You could be Aneamic,not enough Red Blood Cells ,caused by not Eating enough Food or the wrong kind of Food ,not enough Protein in the Food.Or it could be Aneamia caused by a Chemical Imbalance causing your Body to not Produce enough Nutrients.

    It could be Hepatitus or Liver Disease caused by Contaminated Water or Rotten Food.

    See the Doctor ,they are the ones that can Test you for different Diseases we can only Surmise here.

  5. prahlad_ganesh said:


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