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Does the cabbage soup diet actually work? How much weight have people lost on this diet?

I’ve tried this diet before, only I ended up giving in after only a few days! But was wondering what people’s experiences of doing this diet are? Is it worth me trying again? I have about 7 pounds to lose in a week!

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3 Responses to “Does the cabbage soup diet actually work? How much weight have people lost on this diet?”

  1. elgilbro said:

    It works in that it is a very very low amount of calories being taken in. Since it is so low in protein, much of the weight coming off will be water weight and lean tissue. As soon as you go back to regular eating habits, you will most likely gain everything back that you lost.

    You’d be better off simply eating 500 less calories per day than basically starving yourself which is how the cabbage soup diet works.

    “Starvation mode” is generally a myth because it takes a drastic cut to put your body into that state; however, the cabbage soup diet is the kind of drastic cut that will actually put your metabolism into that realm if you do the diet for too long.

  2. Jayalakshmi Manikanthan M said:

    Baby.. Crash diets are the surest way of not doing Weight Reduction procedures. Skipping meals and living on Cabbage Soup deprives your body of a whole lot of vital macro and micro nutrients.. It is not beneficial in the long run to indulge in such unscientific methods (pl don’t mind the pun..)

    You have not given any statistics on your height / weight.. Going by your measure of 7 pounds to lose per week..

    It has been calculated that 1 pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories. This means that in order to lose 1 pound we have to walk for about 12.5 hours. So don’t expect fast weight loss and remember to eat sensibly.

    Just like you don’t eat once a week and stock up for the whole week’s body requirements, exercising once a week is also a non-starter (no benefit). To get tangible benefits out of your exercise regimen, you must sweat it out vigorously at least 5 times a week for 30-45 minutes sessions each.

    Eating vegetables (more importantly, shunning non-veg – as they have more calories per unit weight) is only one step in the weight reduction process.

    Diet, Supplementation, Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude – all these are required for a decent weight loss program. Patience and persistence are also very critical virtues in your endeavour.

    You must try Amway’s Positrim Healthy Living Weight Management Program to reduce weight systematically without starving your body of essential nutrients. you may get in touch with me for your requirements and i can guide you on how to buy them..

  3. S ,FREY. said:

    you will have the worst foul smelling wind you have ever had , its just not worth it…………..


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