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How do i keep the weight off i lost on a fad diet?

I lost 15lbs in seven days on the cabbage soup diet and i don’t want to put it all on again now i’ve lost it. Should i still follow the diet and slowly introduce other food and exercise more? If i do that will i still put on weight? HELP!

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2 Responses to “How do i keep the weight off i lost on a fad diet?”

  1. Fortnum said :

    You’ll put it all back on, and then a little more as your body rebels against being starved and made to live on cabbage soup for a week. Additionally, you will find it significantly more difficult to lose weight from now, because you have tricked your body into thinking it’s starving, and it will cling on to every calorie you feed it in case you try starving it again.

    Maybe think about what you’re doing next time.

  2. Swan ❤s Rudolf Nureyev said :

    Go off the cabbage soup diet and start eating only raw foods for a while – fruits and veggies and nuts mainly. Don’t overeat. Then, after a week or two slowly introduce other foods, like meat and bread, into your routine, and all should be fine.

    The problem with fad diets is, that if you switch to your normal diet quickly all the weight will come back.


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