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How Much Weight Can Be Lost?.?.?

ok my friend is 8st 10(i don’t no what it is in pounds)and is 5ft 2 and she is wondering if she can lose weight in a week by just having fruit and water .
can that be done??…if so how much weight would she lose??

note:she walks to and from college (30 mins both ways) everyday

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3 Responses to “How Much Weight Can Be Lost?.?.?”

  1. ★ Sparkly Stars ★ said:

    She will lose weight but from her height and weight she really does not need to!

    If she wanted to lose weight that would be an awful way of doing so because it is nmot healthy or balanced.

    Why does she want to lose weight? She is fine how she is!

  2. comicbookfreak13 said:

    Why does she want to lose weight?
    I’m same size and weight as your friend and my doctor told me i’m a perrfect weight.

    She might loses weight with just friut and water but I wouldn’t advise trying it.

  3. izzy said:

    She will lose wewight in a week 5 or 6 lbs, but she won’t feel much like walking by the end of the week.
    As soon as she eats normally again the weight will go back on – it was only water weight.
    Take nourishment away from the body and it goes into conservation mode to make itself more efficient so you end up putting weight on while eating the same amount of food as before.


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