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Following strict diet and exercise and hardly lost any weight!?

I had my baby 10 weeks ago by c-section. My weight increased by 28 pounds after having the baby. I was 11 stone and am now 13! I have been going to the gym 4 times a week and following a strict diet but have only lost 6 pounds in 5 weeks! Its really getting me down! Any advice?

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10 Responses to “Following strict diet and exercise and hardly lost any weight!?”

  1. Sarah M said :

    dont be so strict are u eatting enough ur body could be starving

  2. Fairy Princess said :

    A healthy weight loss per week is only 1-2 pounds. If you were to lose any more than this i.e. 5 pounds a week; it would be quite unhealthy.

    So looking at your weight loss (6 pounds in 5 weeks) it seems as though you have been doing quite well.

    It is also common for weight loss to plateau (and seem to stop entirely) however there are several things you could do to shake your diet up a bit and continue losing.

    For example, if you are following a calorie controlled diet, aim to mix up the calories you take in each day and try not to stay at a specific target i.e. 1200 calories a day. Instead, you could maybe increase your target one day or decrease it another.

    Another thing to remember is that as you are exercising at the same time, you are likely to be toning up and building muscle. And as we all know muscle weighs more than fat – so while you’re burning fat, you’re building a bit more muscle and therefore, your weight loss won’t be so obvious.

    This is why it is important to measure your BMI (body mass index) from time to time or you could try taking measurements and note the inch loss!

    You’ve done so well so far in losing nearly half a stone! So don’t get discouraged, keep up your good work!

    Here’s a site that might help:
    Don’t be alarmed by the name or anything; this website is absolutely brilliant for diet and weight loss. It is completely free to join and it is great for keeping you motivated and helping you with diets. It has a free calorie counting diary that helps you record your food and exercise and tell you how many calories you’re taking in and burning. There’s also a weigh-in chart to help you track your progress!

    It really is so helpful, I’ve been using it since January and it’s helped me to lose around a stone.

    I hope I’ve helped you in some way. Good luck! :]

  3. Stormy! said :

    Are you breast feeding? When I did, I found my appetite was humongous.
    I think cut out food after 6pm maybe just a bit of fruit, can help.
    Don’t rush though, frustrating as it is, you need your strength for baby.

  4. moomoo said :

    Just keep going. You really are doing a great job! It will take time for your body to adjust!
    Don’t become too obsessed by it though, don’t forget you have a baby…..Congratulations!!!

  5. yeahright said :

    6 pounds in 5 weeks is all right. nothing happens over night. are u breast feeding? if u re breast feeding u won’t lose weight fast. i have had 3 children, i was exercising after giving birth, but i lost weight drastically only when i stopped breast feeding. and in any case, i was exercising every day and i lost all extra weight only after 10 months. so have patience, keep exercising. and do not have very strit diet – u won’t be able to keep it all your life, and believe me, as soon as u go off that diet, no matter how hard u keep exercising, u will gain all the weight back. so go easy on a diet

  6. Alicia said :

    Keep in mind that the shape of your body will never be the same now that you’ve had a child. It doesn’t mean you’ll go up a whole size, but you might be larger in the hips than you were before!!

    Make sure your diet isn’t too strict. You should be eating 1200 calories a day, but eating 6 small meals. You need to get your metabolism working 24 hrs a day!! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Also make sure you are eating a balance of protein and good carbs, and drinking 64oz of water a day!!

  7. Mrs_M_2010 said :

    you are probably not eating enough. and trying to loose the weight so soon after having your baby isnt the smartest move

  8. Jeff Archer said :

    Hi there

    You are exercising way too much and way too early. A c section is a major procedure and you shouldn’t be putting your body through such pressure whilst it needs to recover. I think you need to relax about it more and keep walking and power walking at most to get exercise but please, do give your body time to properly heal. The weight gain must be frustrating but it will come off in a matter of months with all the running around having a baby involves. Some of the fat that your body has is also intended to help you with feeding the baby and the extra calories you need to keep consuming. Your body is hanging on to that weight so no matter what you did, it will not go straight away and that is a good thing.

    When you are ready to do more exercise, there are plenty of options. Exercises I recommend for mums who want to shed the extra pounds include these ones:

    I hope you take it a little easier from now and don’t worry so much. It’ll happen soon.

  9. margaret w said :

    You may be to hard on yourself you have just had a baby and your body needs time to adjust. You must also eat the right amount of calories especially if you are breast feeding. Depending on your height you should be eating at least 1200-1500Cal’s per day more if you are breast feeding. People tend to think that if you eat less then you will lose weight quicker this is not so, if you do not eat enough your body then stores fat as it thinks it is being starved. So try not to beat yourself up too much and enjoy your baby and eating a healthy balanced diet.

  10. gingersexbomb said :

    You need to eat LESS calories than you burn off in the form of energy. It’s simple mathematics, permit me to explain:

    Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR for short) is the number of calories your body needs each day just to survive. If you layed in bed all day and didn’t move an muscle, then your body would need to consume a set number of calories each day so that your vital organs and brain can function to keep you alive. This set value is called your ‘BMR’.

    So what you need to do is calculate your BMR using the link below. For example, mine is 1359. To lose weight steadily and healthily you need to consume roughly this number of calories every day AND NO MORE. Then, as you walk around and busy yourself in the day, your body will require extra calories as you will be using energy. Naturally your body will not have enough calories to match this demand because you’ve only eaten enough calories for your body to EXIST. So the body will break open it’s fat stores (releasing fat and water) which the muscles will use to make up the calorie shortage. This is how you lose the weight, because your body will eat it’s own fat stores for energy.

    Result: you get slimmer by not only losing fat, but also by losing all the excess water that it contained within your fat cells.


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