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Lost 9Ib in weight over a 14 week period – is that good or bad?

I mean it doesnt even average 1Ib a week. My friend is also on a diet although im calling mine ‘healthy eating’ she is able to shed 3Ib a week, and she is at least half a stone lighter than me!

I do regular excercise like she does so why does she seem to shed soo much more than me?

what can i do to increase my weight loss?

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8 Responses to “Lost 9Ib in weight over a 14 week period – is that good or bad?”

  1. Lis said :

    People lose weight differently, you can’t compare yourself to your friend, your bodies and metabolisms are different. Just keep up the good work and don’t get frustrated, stay motivated!

  2. Mimkat said :

    Losing it slower with healthy eating & exercise means it will be more likely to stay off. Diets are great while they last but the minute you go back to old eating habits the weight creeps back on. Changing your lifestyle is the best way so stick with it, you’ve done well!

  3. Katie said :

    I understand your frustration, but look at the bright side. You have figured out how to incorporate a new way of eating that doesnt leave you hungry (i am assuming that of course) and although the wt loss is slow, it is likely to remain off for good!!! Your friend is losing fast, but chances are, if she doesn’t find a way to eat and exercise properly like you have, she will gain it all back, sadly enough. SO…..good for you and don’t feel bad at all.

  4. Hailey A said :

    9lbs in 14 weeks isnt a lot so id say ur fine.

  5. Nemo said :

    First off, any weight loss is a good sign seeing as most people struggle to anyway. But if you want to lose more weight as much as your friend, then you have to focus on two main things.
    1) Exercising regularly – which you do like you said
    2) Lowering the amount you eat of course – Think about how much you eat regularly, and lower that amount. Try counting the amount of calories you eat and keep it to maximum 1000-1500, but try eating less than that. If you don’t know how many calories a certain type of food contains visit this site:

    Get into this routine and don’t keep changing it about. I know its tempting but for the best results, you have to stick to the original plan you start with. Lastly, don’t listen to those people who say take these “magic pill” they will make you lose fat overnight. Truth is, they hardly help, the only thing they give you is confidence, and they waste your money.

  6. webvirgin said :

    the fact you’re losing weight is good so don’t worry about how much because before you know it you will be your goal weight. as far as your friend she is keep up the good work

  7. Kev said :

    Keep it up. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking at it. After all, the whole point is to lose weight, and you’ve been doing just that.

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