why have i not lost any weight since i started using he gym?

Before i started using the gym i lost 2 stone easily. I have now been going to gym for 5 weeks and have not lost any weight in fact i put 2 lb on the first week!! I go 5-6 times a week and do 50min cardio and then weights. whilst i am not on a very strict diet i have cut down my calorie intact and i am still not seeing any results.

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8 Responses to “why have i not lost any weight since i started using he gym?”

  1. Craig said:

    because its turning to muscle

  2. Pip said:

    Because Fat turns into muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.

  3. Vicky S said:

    Muscle, which you are putting on because of exercise, is heavier than the fat you lost through exercise and dieting.

  4. Emma lea said:

    Exactly! The same thing has happened to me. I am in my 5th week and am just starting to see weight loss. Since you said you are doing weights you have probably gained muscle. Maybe change up the machines you are using for your cardio or step up the intensity. Stick in there you will eventually see some results.

  5. adelly said:

    Sometimes weight can drop off quite quickly and that last little bit can be hard to shift so perhaps you were at that point before you started the gym?

    At the gym you will be burning fat, toning up and building muscle, which weighs more than fat..so it’s ok! (This is why your weight has gone up slightly) If I were you I would forget about the scales for a while. Soon you will start to notice that you are toning up and looking fitter and eventually you’ll notice your weight decreasing again.

  6. tina09 said:

    i am the same. i always PUT ON weight when i go to the gym. i dont do weight i do cardio things. but i think its because you gain muscle!

  7. Paul C said:

    you would have added muscle mass which is a great calorie user since muscle burns twice the calories that fat do. Muscle is more dense so say a handful of fat or muscle would be very different in actual weight. Also if you are down the gym a lot and not consuming enough calories your bidy will look to defend itself by storing fat burning muscle so eat up cut the carbs except in the morning and add protein to your diet and cut the fat especially trans fat good fats as in nuts are great for you as we all need some fat in our diets

  8. mike h said:

    Because whilst you are losing body fat, your muscles are toning up and getting more defined. Muscle weighs more than fat, so whilst you are slimmer and more toned, you weigh the same if not more, get it?


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