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How long before I start losing the weight?

I am going to start going to the gym, joined for months now but never went often enough. Right now, without exercising, I am probably eating enough to be slightly increasing in weight, and I’m about 90kg or 13 and a half stone roughly.

If I were to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, burning say about 350 calories each time, how long would it take before I start losing the weight? How long before I lose say 2 and a half stone? Thanks
By the way I’m a 19 male. About 5 “10

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12 Responses to “How long before I start losing the weight?”

  1. Kim said :

    Hmmm, well males lose weight easier and faster than femals and I know it usually takes me 2 weeks……so I would say for you maybe a week to a week and a half……

  2. TidBIt said :

    well I walked for two months at 199 lbs I walked every other half hour for that two months and drank lots of water, I lost 99 lbs in two months, you do the math….

  3. URVASHI B said :

    When you will start going to gym after 2-3 months you will feel sleepy that you have to go to gym and you will become more fat in 2-3 days or months.

  4. Erik J said :

    You’re not going to lose anything if you dont reduce your calorie intake from whatever you normally have, to 500 less.

    It’ll probably take anywhere from a few days to 1-3 weeks.

    It was 2 weeks for me.

  5. TRACY M said :

    If you were going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, then you would be burning more than 350 calories at a time, i go to the gym twice a week and i burn over 500 calories, the reason for that is i use the treadmill, and the excercise bike and the rowing machine, this is cardiovascular and burns calories very quickly. i also do weights. I joined weight watchers also and have lost a total of 23lbs, it has took me just under 3 months to do it, if you feel that your eating more and putting on weight , then i suggest you go to their meeting as there are a few guys who go to my meeting. You can still eat as much as you like and still lose weight as long as it is in porpotion, instead of depriving yourself!

  6. Glamorouscandy said :

    well first u r going 2 gain muscles which will take about 3 months (Gym is good) then do cardiovasuclar ( run, dance, walk and you will start losing weight

  7. angie c said :

    1start by gyming properly
    2set a def routine time of when u go to work out
    , 3eat a healthy diet and do DO NOT eat after say if u go to bed at 11 basically 3 hrs before bed.
    You can still eat as much as you like and still lose weight as long as it is in proportion, instead of depriving yourself!
    if u follow proper instructions u will lose weight in no time

    p.s very important do not even nibble on a pea before that no eating 3 hours before bed rule,

    pp.s gooluck , and have a bit of faith in urself and patience

  8. kaching5 said :

    it depends of your fitness, the intensity you put on your body and the frequency. if your body is used to the weights you use, make sure to increase it gradually!

  9. uk_louis_1986 said :

    about a week if you are a healthy eater, if not longer

  10. Lily McAvoy said :

    It really depends on your metabolism, diet etc. I’ll tell you what helps me : 3,500 calories is equal to 1 pound in weight. Also bear in mind muscle is heavier than fat so you may lose inches as you tone up. Make changes to your diet and be more active as well as the gym.. good luck.

  11. lil wol said :

    one lb is equal to 3500 calories.

    If you are burning 350 calories a session, that would mean that you would lose 1lb every 10 sessions. However, I think 350 calories a session is a very consevative estimate. Aim to burn 500 calories. For your weight, this could be any of the following exercise times.

    Bicycling 12 mph : 41 minutes
    Swimming : 55 minutes
    Running 6 mph : 33 minutes
    Basketball : 41 minutes
    Circuit Training: 41 minutes
    Walk 4 mph : 66 minutes

    If you did this daily, you would lose 1lb weekly. This would mean it would take you 35 weeks to lose 2 1/2 stone.

    For your height and weight, your body automatically burns around 2800 calories daily, so if you eat 500 less calories a day than this at 2300, you will lose another lb weekly so it would take you 18 weeks to reach your target.

    Good luck

    Ali x

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