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how can i can start my weight loss again?

I have been going to the gym for about 2 months 3-4 times a week and i have lost about 9 pounds in total plus i can see that i have toned up. However all of a sudden my weight loss has stopped and all my hard work is no longer showing on the scales! How can i kick start my weight loss again?

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16 Responses to “how can i can start my weight loss again?”

  1. guardianxrocker said:

    Focus on your diet.

  2. Paul H said:

    Change the workout scheme… even if you do the routine backwards. Or skip days, etc. Just change it up. Also, rest and food intake are EQUALLY important.

  3. Shaun John said:

    Take it slow and revise your diet. Not losing weight means your body is getting to a suitable pace already. You need to step your work out up abit more each time to ensure you are losing weight.

  4. prinikay said:

    swiming ,yoga and a healthy diet work wonders….:)

  5. JenH-RN said:

    it is common to “plateau” in weight loss- just keep up the good work and it will start coming off again
    sometimes mixing up your work out routine helps
    for example if you usually do 30 min of cardio on the treadmill then do weights…
    lift some weights then do cardio on some other machine-bike, stairmaster, or elliptical then go back to the weights

  6. Timothy said:

    no bread, pasta, potato’s Etc. no carbs period or see a health professional

  7. wbsy08 said:

    cut the carbs, sweets, alcohol or softdrinks and maintain your exercise in the gym for 3 hours 4 time a week for 2-3 months like warm-ups, treadmill, weight lifting, boxing, push ups, sit ups, etc.

  8. Whatsnewpuscat said:

    Now you are toning your muscles are growing slightly and this is a well known fact that muscles weighs more than fat! You will be at this stage now for a while, you will have to incorporate more cardio, running and aerobics, into your gym sessions to notice any difference now. Also your diet may affect your weight loss, if you are not eating sensibly and balanced foods.

  9. bokkaroo said:

    u might be losing inches instead of kilos. This happens when u start to lose weight. U eventually get to a flat line (if i may call it that) when nothing is happening and then all of a sudden u start to lose weight again. Ur muscles are toning up.

    I suggest, using a tape measure to see if u are losing inches.

  10. Bob S said:

    Don’t loose too much as it can be unhealthy.

    Just eat healthy, regularly and be active.

    Breakfast sould be the biggest meal of the day, lunch the second and tea should be relativley light –In theory anyway. Inpractice it may be a little harder to acheive. Just eat healthy whith lots of fibre.

  11. George T said:

    u need something that gets you confident in your self and soon you’ll be back on them scales!!

  12. Nickname said:

    You’ve hit a plateau.
    You are already very good in the exercises you are doing,that’s why your body doesn’t benefit from them.Add intensity or lengthen the duration.

  13. karenj said:

    Become Vegetarian and eat wholemeal – you will never worry about your weight again.

  14. sden2616 said:

    Possibly change your diet, but don’t cut too many calories, you need 1200 a day at least for your metabolism not to slow. Also, kick up your cardio a bit add some more time each week, or up the intensity. Also try intervals, like sprint for one minute and then jog for a minute then sprint , then jog, or if you bike up the intensity for 1 min. etc. Hope this helps

  15. Wala411 said:

    i found out that the less i weigh, the less my calories input should be. for example, after loosing two pounds, my calories intake needed to drop further. its like you are feeding a smaller person. i found this out from where i was happy to input my new weight, but realised that it automatically re-calculates my calories intake to a lower level than it was before the weight loss. hope this makes sense.

  16. cucufate said:

    If you want to reduce your weight, you need to do a lot of exercise to accelerate your metabolism. It’s better if you do cardiovascular exercise, because this kind of exercise helps you burn fat…

    You should begin with a good eating plan, combining fats and sweets with fruits and vegetables. It will be better if you drink at least eight glasses of water daily to control your calories and your cholesterol.

    If you want you can use some pills to control your weight and to accelerate the process of burning fat.

    I know some pills which you can use to reduce your weight. Those pills are Xenical. Its results are excellent and fast.


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