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How long will it take to start losing weight on salad diet?

I will only have a week left until school starts again – why I want to lose weight – when I get back home, so I was wondering how long it will take until you start losing weight by only eating salad.

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16 Responses to “How long will it take to start losing weight on salad diet?”

  1. Lari said :

    on the third day, if you eat 5-6 times a day.

  2. Nadia T said :

    i dunno about losing weight, but losing health will happen pretty quickly. don’t do it, it won’t help you.

  3. larsonsi said :

    do some jogging also toots!

  4. Lindsay said :

    Depending what lettuce is in it. Spinach is the only lettuce that does anything for your body. With out dressing and stuff…id say a month? maybe less?

  5. Trudyluva J said :

    it wont work until u exersice. exercising is the key!

  6. Beetroot Yourself said :

    What happens when you’ve lost the weight?, are you going to continue eating nothing but salad for the rest of your life?. Just eat a healthy balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. Whether you lose weight or not depends on your current size and what type of salad you’re eating, it’s a myth that just eating salad leads to rapid weight loss, your metabolism will just slow down due to having nothing to work on such as fibre or carbs. You’ll get weak and dizzy after a few days as well.

  7. Dianna H said :

    If you only eat salad, your body isn’t getting nearly enough nutrients. It will go into starvation mode and make it even harder for you to lose weight. To lose weight, girls should eat at least 1500 cals a day and guys should eat at least 1800 cals a day. If you go much below that, it’s not good. Increase your exercise by 30 minutes to an hour each day. That will not only help you burn calories to lose weight, it will also help you tighten up any flabby areas you may have.
    Don’t starve yourself. That’s the worst thing you can do.

  8. SweetiePie23 said :

    You should try Paul McKenna’s program instead. It is Way easier faster and it is good for you. Basic rules:
    1. eat only when you are hungry
    2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should
    3. chew 20 times before you swallow.
    4. focus only on the food (no tv no reading while you eat)
    5. Stop when you think you are full
    repeat! I love it, I am not hungry, I eat ice cream and I have lost 20 lbs in 3 months

  9. Danny B said :

    well if you just eat salad it would take about 7 months for your body to adjust and start turning the nutrients to muscle but if you were to work out for about 3 hours a day on elliptical and tred mills and lift some weights it is possible it could take just 5 weeks to loose weight fast

  10. kboo83 said :

    Personally I dont think salad diets work all that well. People dont realize how many calories are in most salad dressing and things like croutons and cheese. And people add things like bacon and ham and that doesnt help either. I found that a good big breakfast in the morning followed by a small lunch and a couple of light snacks throughout the day worked best. I know it sounds like a lot but eating properly gave me the energy to exercise and do other things to help lose weight. I lost 22 pounds the first month I did this and about 10 the next. Then I lost an average of about 5 pounds a month after that until I got to where I wanted to be. Good luck.

  11. wondering said :


  12. ozziesong said :

    Straight away.

  13. Sway said :

    well depends on what you are putting ON the salad? you need to make sure you are still eating some lean meat and go for low fat or vinagrette dressings, you would be surprised how much fat is in regular cream dressings.

    here is a tip – when you finish your salad, if there is dressing left in the bowl or on the plate you are putting too much on there. you need to have a balance go good fresh vegetable, lean meats and low fat dairy.

  14. nqanda said :

    To be honest, you probably won’t lose any.

    Your body has a survival mechanism…if you suddenly change diet so that the nutriants it needs is not being met it will go into ‘starvation mode’ …this can actually make you gain weight!

    The best thing in my opinion to do is look at your typical daily diet…add up calories…then cut down by 500. So if you usually eat 2300, eat 1800 daily. (If you eat ALOT and taking out 500 is still over the recommended allowance -2500male 2000female- than cut down to rec. daily intake)

    Exersise is always best too, if you can’t afford a few trips to the gym, just go shopping! walking is a great FAT BURNING exercise as it can raise the heartrate over 60% (when the body will start burning) but not over 70% (when the body will burn carbs not fat)

    I am not an expert of course but i am on a diet myself. In one week you will be lucky to lose 3-4 pounds (depending on your weight etc).

    I have another month till i go back to university and hope to lose another 3/4 stone by then!

    Remember, it takes time but i can garentee that if you cut out 500 in first week-week+1/2 and then another few hundred you will drop some weight.

    If you change diet completely and just eat salad your body will think ‘what the hell, whats going on?’ and start building reserves up in case the situation gets worse

  15. allxthatxixam said :

    well scientifically speaking you basic metabolic rate(bmr)will be around 1500 Cal’s every 24 hours,not counting exercise witch will make you burn more lets suppose you had 3 plates of salad a day with a light dressing,that’s about 300 calories a day,thus your burning amount for each day will be 1200,(in praktis it’s likely to be alot more than this expesly if your active)you have to burn 3200 calories to lose a pound,trus 7×1200=8400 so thats approx 2 and 1/3 pounds in a week.
    eating like that is a starvation diet and will slow your mataboium down so as soon as you start eating normally again you will put the weight back on,this diet is not healthy you will feel low on enery and possable faint,the best way to lose weight is a sesnable diet and exersize program,try visting your doctor
    best of luck with the weight loss!

  16. Laura B said :

    Sorry, but you can’t lose enough weight in one week to be noticed, and stay healthy too. Salad diets do NOT help at all. Eating only when you are hungry causes your body to transform everything into fat right away, but you shouldn’t eat too often either. Exercise is absolutely essential as well. You need to eat a balanced diet, tons of protein, exercise at least once a day or 3-5 times a week, eat 5-6 small meals a day, and most importantly, do not cut anything out of your diet completely. If you do, then you’ll crave it and when you fall, you’ll fall hard. Like, chips for example. If you want chips, eat 3-5 chips just to satisfy your craving, but only once in awhile and not every meal or anything. You can also contact a Nutritionist or Doctor for help.


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