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I’m stuck to a very-low calories diet for the past 4 days, when will i start losing weight?

I started the liter-life programme of 500kcal (under doctors approval and supervision before anyone says criticises!) a day on Tuesday and have just weighed myself and haven’t lost a pound! I’ve stuck to it religiously so im guessing because its so harsh it will take a little while for the weight to come off and then it comes off a bit quicker.
Does anyone know how long this will be?

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7 Responses to “I’m stuck to a very-low calories diet for the past 4 days, when will i start losing weight?”

  1. Eldorado said :

    if your drinking fluids more 3-4 lbs could come from that. weigh in the morning just at waking up for accurate reading

  2. amy lou.x said :

    i lost 5 pounds, in a week and a half by eating 3 meals a day, normal meals, and WATER, nothing but water.
    (: x

  3. scooter said :

    My advice? Come off this because it is dangerous only the other day someone else died on this diet. An average female needs around 2000 calories a day. If you ate 1200 a day you would lose weight. A bit slowly 2lb a week which is MUCH better than losing it fast. Slow weight loss is easier and healthier to achieve and maintain. We can presume that if you are overweight you probably have been eating 3 – 4000 calories daily right? SO to suddenly cut right down to 500 which is starvation mode, you body goes in to shock. You will be damaging your insides, hair could fall out, headaches, constipation, palpitations, bad breath etc etc. The only safe and healthy way is to cut down your portions, eat healthy and exercise. If you are quite overweight your doctor can prescribe a slimming tablet that curbs your appetite so that you eat less BUT you are actually eating food, not sachets of soup etc. Have you seen a picture of one of the founders of this extreme diet? She is OBESE that isn’t good is it? Quite a few doctors will not support this diet as it is too extreme.

  4. Elizabeth R said :

    Your doctor APPROVED this? I would like to slap him/her. Anyway, if you really feel you NEED to diet, 1500 calories is best. No lower than 1200. Please don’t go on this silly diet, you might never leave it…

    You actually loose more by eating more, as you have more energy to move around (burn calories).

  5. jojo said :

    wait at least 2 weeks, because although it is a low calorie diet ,you probably drink more water so liquid weights a lot.
    i’m doing a 600 cal for 3 months now ,i lost almost 2 stone,so keep on it ,it does work.
    it is early days ,so don’t give up,trust me the hard time is the first month but then it becomes very easy

  6. roshky said :

    Well, although I can’t see any doctor approving of only 500kcal, if it really was approved by a doctor, then the weight loss is gonna go at about 1 or 2 pounds a week. That’s because that’s the right “speed” to lose weight, you’re not supposed to instantly lose God know how many pounds. Doctors go with the idea that the sooner they go off, the sooner they come back.

    You could just ask your doctor about it.

  7. GT said :

    I would recommend a different approach to losing weight. The approach you are talking about is not very satisfying if you like to eat until your full. I would recommend The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Meal Generator Plan which speeds up your metabolism at a high rate and kick starts fat burn. At the same time you have a sense of being full and satisfied while losing weight. Let me know what you think in a month.


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