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How long being Bulimic does it take till you start losing weight ?

Im doing a essay on Bulimia and want to add this into it.

Does anyone know how long it takes to start losing weight ?
cherry chopstick, i think you’ll find i don’t want to be bulimic.

I do boxing.
its enough hard work.

so look into stuff before you start being a twat.

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16 Responses to “How long being Bulimic does it take till you start losing weight ?”

  1. ChErRy ChOpStIx said :

    if you were really doing an essay you would find your info on the internet

    i think you just want the answer because you want to be bulimic..

    if you want to be skinny get of your butt and do exercise easy as that……….

  2. Jazzyc678 said :

    woo… i was just goin to rite.. that u dnt wanna bcome it lol. but its for an essay.. :S
    but hey.. it takes on average at least 1-2weeks.. for it to be noticeable. for others to see. but for urself it takes long. bout 1 month maybe longer depends on how deep the person is in with their self confidence.
    thought it can take longer.. depends on their circumstances if that makes sense

  3. JIMMY said :

    You will gain 5 lbs per day you are bulimic

  4. ZippIe said :

    there is no definative answer to your question. it all depends what diet the bulimic is following (including how they compensate for binging)and how active their lifestyle is. most ED sufferers lose weight quite rapidly though.

  5. Natty-Lea said :

    It depends how often they vomit and how little they eat in the first place, combined with how much exercise they’re doing. It’s an incredibly silly way to try and lose weight. It depletes your body of vital nutrients and vitamins, and will rot your teeth. Don’t do it. 🙂

  6. Shrinking Violet said :

    Yeah, SUUUURE you are, darlin’! Pull the other one, it plays Grieg’s Piano Concerto No.1 in Ab minor!

    Do you REALLY think I was born yesterday…?

    If ANYONE helps this silly girl develop an eating disorder, I will report them to Yahoo!.

    If you believe yourself to be overweight, then go and see your GP. Eating disorders are NOT a lifestyle choice, they CAN be FATAL!!!

    I am a recovering anorexic, and also struggle with bulimia. I have been hospitalised several times for my illness.

    PLEASE DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EDs HERE!!! I WILL report such questions as these groups are read by impressionable young girls (I have seen posts from children as young as 9 here, even though the rules state you MUST be 13 to post).

    Please, no one give this silly girl any credence by giving her the info she’s seeking.

  7. Y0UNG DR0* said :

    Well i know that your body thinks its beinq starved and you can actually gain weight before you lose, so i think it takes a few weeks :/ but i am not an expert lol 🙂

  8. Mel said :

    RE to: “Shrinking Violet”
    Why do you care what pother people do so much? If the girl even wants to be a bulimic, who are you to tell her she can’t? I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal.
    As for an answer the question, It depends. Bulimics have a tendency of snacking on high-fat/sugar foods when not binging and purging, so they can wind up staying at the same weight, if not even gain more. It really depends on how many calories are consumed and how many of them are actually thrown up.

  9. Samantha said :

    Does it really ruin your hair? And will your teeth really rot out? I’m not trying it. I was just wondering because these are rumors I have heard….

  10. Messed up girl said :

    Im bulimic and when I have it really bad I will throw up everything I eat, so I do lose weight generally everyday. But if you throw up everything you eat and dont move much then your weight will stay the same. If you eat your meals and then have binges some days or everyday and throw all the binged food up you will not lose weight as your still getting your needed calories. If your not already bulimic DONT START just because you want to lose some weight, it f***s your whole life up and I dont care what anyone says, you never fully recover from it. Its always your default mode when you want to lose some weight or feel down and cant control something, you will always go back to it.

  11. Nikita said :

    I made myself throw up a a few times a while back. I felt bad about what I had ate after working so hard to try to lose wieght. I never been fat before, and I was so sick of it. I got down to my ideal wieght and now i have gained 7 back recently. tonite i ate pizza, and i went to the bathroom to throw it up. now, im scared i will always do this if there is something i really want to eat. I wish i hated food! i dont want to get fat again. i see myself in my pics as fat. i cant get rid of this belly fat. im so sick of it. to the point……… eyes had red spots around them a little while after i threw up. what does that mean?????

  12. Messed up girl said :

    Re: Nikita…..I think the red spots are normal really when you get sick, because of the pressure you put yourself under to throw up, you go red in the face and your eyes water and you can get headaches from making yourself sick. I wish I could offer reassuring advise that you wont make yourself sick again when you want to or do eat something you know you shouldn’t if you are trying to lose weight. But from experience if I am that stressed/bored/upset then I will eat what I know I shouldn’t and to excesses knowing that I will throw it up. Sometimes I dont plan to throw up but once I eat one bite of something even good stuff I say to myself ‘your going to put on weight now!’ so then I tell myself throw it up. Other times I plan to get sick before I even eat a bite!

    Throwing up gives you headaches, flushed face, sore throats, burning stomach from the stomach acid, dry sore hands from putting back your throat, makes you paranoid and secretive and dizzy and weak, its very dangerous because it messes with your electrolyte levels which are very important! And I have had very bad chest pains with it, like my heart actually pains and sometimes I am scared to sleep or be alone in my room because I think I may die from a heart attack or stroke, but I cant stop doing it 🙁

  13. Messed up girl said :

    Nikita go seek help, trust me I started off doing it for just two months, then stopped then 3 years later did it for a week and stopped because my throat was so sore and I was coughing up blood. Then a year later I started again and it last for 3 years well I stopped for a few months but never forgot about it just got depressed and fat and now I’m back throwing up again and it makes your life hell. Its all you can think about, you put things off just so you can get sick after you’ve eaten, you get moody, you become very tired after throwing up. GET HELP ! and stick with it, I once went to my doctor and confessed and got referred then when the letter came through for an appointment I turned it down and it just carried on. So now I’m going for help again and I have made an appointment and will stick to it! I have to, I can’t go on living in a little bubble depressing myself and never being happy with my body and myself. To be your ideal weight you need to have reached it and be able to maintain it in a normal and healthy way. I don’t know how old you are but if your at school see the school counselor or just go to your doctor and ask about being referred before it gets worse.

  14. Becca said :

    ive been bulimic for about 5 months
    i was 160 then drop to 150 in one week then lost 6 more pounds a week ago
    the results might be great but it takes a tole on your mind and controls your life
    when i first looked at peoples warnings i was like w/e thatll never happen to me but guess what my weight is the only thing i think about i hop on the scale twice a day and hate myself for going on all those diets that lead me to this point in my life ive had an eating disorder for all most a year and have had bulimic pacifically for 5 months its not a happy life to live

  15. ks said :

    well some people dont get it , i play sports , i play basketball all year long and i still look like i have a belly , i eat like a normal teenage girl does, but i still have a belly ,my mom and my older sister make fun of me all the time , they both weigh less then me but i’m more active then both of them it doesnt make sence i can work out run run and run and it doesnt make a differance so maybe for some people like me throwing up would work , im so sick of hearing them telling me that im fat , i’ve thought of pills tolose weight but idt that will work so im thinking of this …

  16. nooneimportant said :

    I’ve been fat since I was a baby. I never lost the baby weight. My body is destroyed because I went through puberty as a fat ass and now I swear it’s like being a fat ass is forever imprinted in my genetic code. I’ve never ever been skinny. I’ve always been overweight and according to my BMI I’m obese. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a year and a half, while also working out at the gym 2 hours a day, 5 times a week. All I’ve lost is 40 lbs in a year and I have 80 more lbs to lose. So don’t tell me to do it the “healthy way.” Cuz that’s bull shit! I will do WHATEVER it takes to finally be at a healthy weight for once in my life. WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!


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