How long before you start to realise youve lost weight…?

… when on a diet?

Ive been on a diet since tuesday and going to continue for two weeks, then if nothing happens ill try something else.

Im 15, 5 ft 8 and my weight currently (since i last weighed it on the monday anyway) was 9 and a half stone.

I have been having healthy good foods, 3 meals a day and i have been doing walking and dancing and situps.

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9 Responses to “How long before you start to realise youve lost weight…?”

  1. Taylor W said:

    on a DIET! HA you will not lose weight on a diet. a good way to lose weight is to run jog eat healthy.

  2. durulz2000 said:

    You’re clothes start getting looser.
    Two weeks isn’t enough. You’ll not notice any significant change in two weeks.
    Give it two months.

  3. Happy Man said:

    You will wait for months before anything noticeable happens.

  4. John A said:

    It all depends on what your doing. It takes atleast 1 month to see any weight lose. You can check a scale at least once a week to see if you are actually loosing any weight.

  5. dollface said:

    May i aks why you are on a diet? Is it peer pressure cause you sound like a perfect weight for your height!
    The best way to lose weight is to eat healthily, no faddy diets work, slimming world is very good!

  6. Frank B said:

    Well firstly your body’s weight naturally fluctuates depending on water levels, time of day, time of month even for women. The true test to know if your losing weight is how your clothes fit and how you look.
    – Look at the back of your arms, your chin, your ass.. that’s how you’ll know.

    Two weeks will do nothing for you. Find a diet that you feel you can stick to permanently. Either that or just start incorporating better habits into your lifestyle. And of course the more physically active you are the better for both weight & health.

  7. Ray <3 said:

    uhm, your only 133lbs and 5’8 and your on a DIET?! I weight like 15 pounds more than you and I’m the same height…
    It’s much harder to lose weight when your already skinny. If you were 200 lbs you might lose weight doing that, but at 133lbs you have to work MUCH harder.
    Try having 6 small means a day… Walking likely won’t do much because your small already, you need to do something more intense like running or another sport.

    Good luck!

  8. BLUEBIRD BOY said:

    when u get thinner

  9. grahamduval said:

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