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How long does it take to start losing fat?

So I’ve been going to the gym for about two months now and I haven’t been losing weight, but instead gained a few pounds. I have been told that this is due to gaining muschle which of course weighs more than fat. When does the fat start burning away?!
I don’t eat a lot of snacks at all. I don’t like candy very much either and I have cut sugary drinks out.

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9 Responses to “How long does it take to start losing fat?”

  1. Mark K said :

    try eating fresh fruits and vegetables and have an exercises program

    it will take about 6 months to notice

  2. ☆★☆˙·٠•●♥ Na' Deen said :

    If you’re not loosing any weight you’re probably eating too much…Try to eat less and do more sports.

  3. Tanya S said :

    Actually right away, Are u sure u r not sneaking chocolate and burgers on the side?

  4. Dan Haynes said :

    run more often and eat less and you will see a change in bout a month

  5. Shauna said :

    if you eat more healthier foods and eat less fatty foods then that may help

  6. Simon P said :

    You should start losing weight in the first week. I would look at your diet and check that you are not eating too much. Your diet makes much more of a difference than exercising. You might be gaining some muscle but i doubt if its enough to keep your weight the same.

  7. Tonilynn said :

    I walk two to four miles a day. You will tone first and lose fat last, but if you measure around ur legs, waist, arms you may be losing inches which is losing fat that is forming into muscle. 30 to 60 minute work outs are good and watching what you eat will reduce and increase fat burning results. Depends on your body and how in shape you are…don’t give up.

  8. ultimate-frisbee-golfer said :

    depends on your diet and what your doing.
    try running more. running burns away fat better than anything else.
    eat more fruits and veggies too.
    but the key is cardio, most of all running.

  9. Ronald Mcdonald said :

    im sick of u fat people dieting,
    i have a buisness to run, just eat some maccas and get fatter


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