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How long before you start to notice weight loss on the Weight Watcher’s plan?

This is my second week on the points plan (20 points a day) and I don’t seem to be losing any weight yet, I am exercising regularly too. Wondered if anybody could tell me how they got on?

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5 Responses to “How long before you start to notice weight loss on the Weight Watcher’s plan?”

  1. Loca_Liz said :


  2. bwlobo said :

    I got to my goal weight with Weight Watchers. One of the main keys to loosing weight in any program is to keep an honest diary & drink 32 oz of water a day. Cut out all soda (even diet/sugar free) for a couple of weeks. Your body may have a lot of sodium in your system. When your body is cleansed, you should start loosing weight rather quickly if you stick to your plan!

  3. Englishcad said :

    Just stand or sit next to the biggest fattie in the club you will look great don’t worry if the pound are not shifting ……. If you find everyone wants to stand next to you … there maybe a problem…

  4. cuddlymummy said :

    I lost 4 lbs in my first week, then 2lbs every week after that until i lost a total of 3 stone. Then the weight loss ground to a halt and i could not shift it!! I think it all depends how overweight you are in the first place. I was about 15 stone then and allowed 24 points so I’m assuming you don’t have much weight to lose – the heavier you are, the easier it is to shift the weight in the beginning. I know it sounds silly, but are you accurately calculating your points? I forgot to put down the odd coffee on my diet sheets and i was going over my points without realising. I drank A LOT more water after that! The other thing that didn’t work for me is saving 2 points every day so you can save them up and have a takeaway at the weekend (which is what weight watchers recommended to me). Once i stopped saving the points and kept to my limit (regardless of how much exercise i had that day) the weight started shifting again at about a 1lb a week. I was told off one week for not eating enough points too so watch out for that one!!

  5. catznolan said :

    keep going cuz ur small already u wont feel the weight going as quick. just stick to ur points everyday using them all and dnt use ur bonus points for xtra benfit. weigh ur foods again to make sure ur not undr pointin them and recheck the points on food cuz sumtmes they change. im in ww and hav currently lost 26n half lb and im going for my to st this wk. aftr having my baby im alot heavier than i wanna b so iv still a while to go but ill stick with it cuz i no it works. even aftr loosin this much tho i dnt notice it that much i can jst feel the change in my body and my mood!!!
    ne help needed give me a shout but keep it up….gud luk xx


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