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I need some help getting fit and loosing excess fat! But is the info ive been given by my instructor correct?

I have a small belly, im not fat but its bad enough. i also have small man boobs again not guge but enough to bother me. so i joined the gym. I was going about 5 times a week and eat pretty healthy. I got told by my trainer that i was doing too much and that instead i should go every other day as my muscles can rest. but now i feel that im getting nowhere. also my belly is going but slowly, ive been going for about 3 1/2 weeks and eat helathy. i do between 30 mins and 40 mins cardio, on the bike and tredmil. and i do this intensly not wimpy! then i do weights for about 30 mins maybe 40. so is he right?

on my days off should i not exercise at all?

how long before the belly should be going

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4 Responses to “I need some help getting fit and loosing excess fat! But is the info ive been given by my instructor correct?”

  1. LEON C said :

    i think you should list your daily diet

  2. cms1977 said :

    you need to listen to your trainer. you have only been going for 3-4 weeks…I have been going since April of last year and I am JUST NOW beginning to see my ab muscles…it takes time but you DO need rest. If you keep going everyday you have a high chance of injury…which will mean that you won’t be able to go AT ALL for awhile…then you’ll be back at the start again 🙁 I go 3-4 days a week and the 3 days I take off are HARD because I feel guilty but I make sure to drink extra water those days and eat EXTREMELY good those days…healthy calorie counting all day long…once you get past the guilt and anxiety you’ll be better off and you’ll be able to train even harder on your gym days.

  3. Impossible Is Nothing said :

    You need to listen to you trainer, on off days don’t exercise your muscles need a break.

  4. k@te x said :

    eyer ur instructor is right, every other day is great, also try and alternate what machines u go on, also, do say a run which is obviously motivating ur legs, then move on to some arm weights, then legs again as it moves the blood up and down the body which is good!
    also i didn’t realise this till last year but what ever machine ur on ie treadmill when running hold ur shomach muscles in for 10 secs then relax for ten then hold for ten , at whatever pace u like, on the bike also hold for ten, release for ten, weights again, i swear to god u will have the fittest abs in the world! good luck!


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