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Does having stretch marks on my belly automatically mean i will have saggy excess skin once weight is lost?

I am 23 and 15 1/2 stone and size 18, i wanna loose however much it takes to get to a size 12 and no less than this, ive already lost 1/2 a stone through cardio work and a healthy diet. I accept i will always have the stretch marks but will my skin tighten up when i loose weight?

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11 Responses to “Does having stretch marks on my belly automatically mean i will have saggy excess skin once weight is lost?”

  1. wolfluva_222 said :

    yeah it should, becasue ure body will feel itself getting skinnier and adapt tothe new size by shrinking ure skin. no strecth marks.

  2. Chelsea Handler kicks @ss said :

    any rapid weight loss can produce stretch marks…which really just mean loss of elasticity in your skin…if you lose an excessive amount of weight then you have a higher chance of having loose skin…but the more healthily and gradually you do it, the less the excess should be…good luck and congratulations for taking a step in the right direction towards a more healthy lifestyle

  3. kev b said :

    the guy below me is a jerk and yes it does to answer ur question and good luck

  4. Investor said :

    It all depends on the elasticity of your skin, but judging from your age, most of it will tighten up.

  5. Tulip said :

    Unfortunately not. My coworker, who is 27, had to get a tummy tuck because she lost a lot of weight and there was a bunch of skin left so she went through surgery.

  6. Miss Know-it-all said :

    The only way you will have stretch marks with saggy skin is if you lose weight too fast. When you lose weight too fast your skin doesn’t have the necessary time to stretch back into place. If you are doing the diet and excercise thing the healthy way you will be fine. My sister was 5’8 215 and she lost 50 lbs and she looks fantastic! No saggy skin, tight and toned in all the right places. yes she has some stretch marks but it isn’t bad at all and most women have it anyway. She did the healthy eating and excercise thing. Good luck with your exercise program!

  7. Foxy said :

    really depends on how much you actually weight, are they from a pregnancy? I am sure after time it will tighten up depending how much you work for it

  8. cymraes_y_cwm said :

    You don’t say how long you have been the size you are.
    The problem is that the longer your skin has been stretched, the less chance of it retaining its elasticity.
    I really do hope you reach your goal weight.
    Good luck.

  9. Christa said :

    in most cases rapid or extreme weight loss without exercising or drinking lots of water will result in saggy skin. Exercise, and drink lots and lots of water (if you can drink FIJI – it has silken in it which helps with skin elasticity but all water really helps with this anyways and it helps with losing weight)…. anyways if you exercise and drink lots of water you’ll have less chance of having saggy skin.

  10. diablow202113 said :

    hi hun well first well don for losing the wate that must of fellt grate well all i can say is if you do sit ups your skin will tiyten up but if you dont it might sag a littale think of it like havin a baby ( had a baby 4 months ago ) your belly is streched but it gose back with the right exocise ps bio oil is amazing for strech marks can i just say well don again its nice to heya someone doin it the right way for a change

  11. mskae said :

    no i am 27 and 200 lbs, i lost 63 pounds over the last six months i took the adivce of my trainer and started using coco butter lotion from the beginning and it has helped with the elasticity and evening out my skin tone you can barely see any of the strech marks and i like the way my skin has started to frim up. i still have 50 pounds i want to lose over the next few months so this is a habit that is so worth it.


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