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How can I gain muscle weight using just two 20 pound weights?

I want to gain at least 10 pounds before Christmas, preferably in muscle. I want to do this using nothing but two 20 pound weights and eating more of certain foods. Will doing over a thousand reps of 40 pounds per week help me gain muscle in my arms and chest? Also, do you have any recommendations for foods that will assist me?

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2 Responses to “How can I gain muscle weight using just two 20 pound weights?”

  1. Karthi said :

    Don’t worry guys.

    You follow this site tips surely you gain before Christmas.

    Eat lot more milky food items.

    Eat banana & honey mixing before bad.

    you do sleep per day 6 to 8 hour regularly.

    you take meals correct timing. you don’t avoid breakfast.

    you can increase your eating habits per day 3 to 5.Please avoid oil foods.

    Register site get more tips.

    Only home made tips.More healthy for your body.

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  2. Darrin_lean_muscle said :

    You’re not going to like the answer: you can’t. I’m guessing you are male, which gives you a better chance than a woman, but it’s nearly impossible to gain 10 pounds of muscle using 40 pounds. See, muscle grows only in response to a true need. When people lift heavy weights (like squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups, etc.) on a regular bases, it’s telling the body that this is the “new normal”. So it responds by growing. (It’s of course more complicated than this, but I’m simplifying.)

    Now, by doing “a thousand reps” of anything isn’t actually teaching the muscles to grow. It’s teaching them to endure (as in, “endurance”). While runners get picked on unfairly by weight lifters, you can see an obvious fact: the runners who do the most reps (run the farthest, with each rep being a footstrike) usually have the skinniest legs and bodies.

    My main advice: join a gym, lift really heavy weights in compound exercises with reps of about 6 reps per set, and eat a lot of healthy food – tons of good calories (more than you think you can eat).

    If you can’t join a gym, then find a place to do chin-ups (for your back and arms) and do decline pushups (with weights on your back if you can) and then do squats and deadlifts (full range of motion) with a lot more than your 20 pound dumbbells – find a couple suitcases you can fill with heavy stuff or get some sandbags or do overhead squats with an old tire. There are many things you can do to improvise, but there’s no way around the fact that your body will only grow if it thinks it has to be able to handle heavy weight.


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