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why have I lost the ability to lose weight easily?!?

I’ve recently hit a plateau in my weight loss. I’ve always been able to lose (& gain) weight relatively easily but even though I’ve begun a new diet and fitness regime, my spare tyre won’t even begin to budge! It’s very alarming as I’m also a qualified gym instructor and what I’ve attempted already isn’t working!! I’m very conscious of my weight and figure and if I feel or look podgy then it makes me extremely unhappy, so it affects me psychologically as well as physically. I’m 29, gain weight mainly around my middle (i.e. a typical apple shape), I attend the gym around 3 times a week and run outside around 3 times a week. I am a vegetarian but am pretty addicted to carbs!! Any ideas from anyone will be very gratefully received! Thanks!

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10 Responses to “why have I lost the ability to lose weight easily?!?”

  1. SERVICE CREW said :

    its easy to start with then you hit a certain point and it becomes harder for nearly all of us

  2. wilma said :

    you have gotten older – it happens

  3. Thirty-five said :

    If you’ve hit a plateau it means you gotta push harder. ex. if you’ve been running 1 mile you need to increase to 2 mi. if you’ve been doing 50 crunches you need to increase to 75. The body has gotten adjusted to what you are currently doing and you need to shock it so to speak. Change up everything-eating and exercising. Push harder and eat something totally different for an entire wk and I bet you’ll see a lost.

  4. Leah M said :

    I think you’ve hit an unfortunate age there. I’m 27 so getting there myself and I find it harder to lose weight now. Try changing your work out completely. How about asking another gym instructor if they’ve got any ideas? Maybe try swimming, or a competitive sport. One of my housemates plays football and cycles to work everyday and she’s lost loads of weight in the last month or so. I think a change might be the best thing for you, I find it really helps if I plateau, which is often!!

  5. heatheruk1984 said :

    Usually, weight falls off pretty quickly to begin with, but it does tend to slow down a bit as time goes on.

    The fact that you are a gym instructor, will mean that your body is fairly used to exercise, and therefore you will have to push yourself harder in order to lose weight.

    The carbs could be responsible for the weight around your middle, as they can bloat you, therefore, it may simply be water weight that you are carrying. Drink plenty of water, and this may help to solve your problem.

  6. RW said :

    You’ve hit the wall as runners say. Its nothing new i hit a ways back as well in my weight loss attempt. What would you do as a gym instructor. Tell your students to take a short break examine their progress and current plans. And make the required adjustments in diet and excerise. To break though and continue to lose. Thats what i did i looked over the diet to see if i had slipped up anywhere and made the required changes then adjusted my excerise levels as well. I suggest you look at the carb intake vs your daily caloric burning.

  7. Clamshell 19 said :

    Ah, Yes, the midlife diet plateau.
    Your 29..expect that there are
    going to be, many things, you can
    no longer do, as well, as you once did.
    With aging comes knowledge, but no
    longer the ease of stride.

  8. Nikke said :

    Hi there!!! From what I read, I think you need up your days from 3 to 6. Its ok to have some carbs if your attending a gym. Carbs just means energy. People get fat off of it because they tend to consume the carbs and not burn them off. But cutting them out completely is just as bad if not worse. Your brain works and runs on carbs, so don’t cut them out…otherwise it will have to find an alternate source of energy (keytones–which it takes from your liver and kidneys..over time…using this method…your organs will begin to shut down…I know this because I have a friend that is dying from ‘the atkins’ diet)
    I know it says you run 3 times a week, but do you do abdominal exercises? If not…that will certainly help. In addition to your run outside…ad 40-45 on the elliptical 3 times a week. That’s your 6 days of exercise. Rest on the 7th. No working out at all.
    And to up your performance…do some weight training. Remember that muscle burns fat.

    Good luck!! If you have any other questions, you can email me.

  9. Without-style said :

    Many people who go through heavy weightloss will at least hit one plateau, I assume it happens with people who haven’t as much to lose also.

    I initially weighed 18 stone, and I’m now 11 stone, I’ve been through two plataeus the most recent I’ve only just broken, losing nothing from January to April (very frustrating) however the good aspect is that you’re not gaining weight, many people report that during a plataeu they are actually losing ‘inches’ and toning up rather than losing weight so it is a good idea to measure yourself.

    Some people suggest having a ‘blow out’ on food and then taming the calories. Though I think gradually they all break when the body is ready to lose again, I’d suggest changing your routine, perhaps try going swimming (great calorie burner).

    Good luck.

  10. Disambiguation said :

    the more you weigh the easier the first few pounds come off.
    the older you get the harder it is to get any off. I made it to 38 but after an injury I never bounced back from, I gain in the winter and lose less each spring.
    You are on the right track but you will need to stay at it all the year long. Once you get your metabolism to speed up again which at your age you can if you dont give up, you will see better results. Then it will be easier to keep the weight off. Just remember the older you get, the harder to get back in the groove


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