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How can i lose weight really fast?

I want to lose weight fast. How much weight do you think I can lose in 3 months? How many pounds can i lose a week? What should i do to lose weight? I can’t go to the gym or buy any products to help me lose weight. What exercises should i do, and what foods should i eat?
Lol, okay i don’t necessarily need to lose weight really fast, but the question wasn’t long enough so i just added that.

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29 Responses to “How can i lose weight really fast?”

  1. teduardosportacus said :

    Eat Funyuns.

  2. SweetuM LovE said :

    Master cleanse diet!

  3. :D said :

    pop a couple of laxatives

  4. Brian said :


  5. The Luke said :

    Enemas, making yourself puke, liposuction etc.

    Diet’s and exercise take way too long.

  6. TOKAI_21st century said :


  7. Morgan said :

    Don’t eat. Hahaha, in all honesty, I’ve been not snacking and eating just enough for like 3 weeks, lost 15lbs so fast

  8. ScorpioRising75 said :

    Your goal should not be to lose weight “really fast.” If you’re just going for a certain appearance, you need to rethink your priorities. You should want to lose weight for your health, in which case you will realize that losing weight too quickly is dangerous and ultimately ineffective.

  9. God said :


  10. Malia said :

    you dont have to stop eating just eat less
    and whenever you feel the urge to eat try drinking water it washes all the bad toxins out of your body and it keeps you full so you dont have to eat

    you will look great and feel great and be a lot healthier

  11. nooberlove said :

    don’t do it, thats not healthy

  12. Clarinet said :

    buy wii fit

  13. dropkickchester said :

    i lost about 50 lbs in three months just by lowering calorie intake. Try to lower current calorie intake by 500 to 1000 daily calories. It’s really important to have breakfast..dont skip it…at least some yogurt and fruit..and quit fried things.

  14. Jennifer said :

    Well I went to the doctor for a follow-up today and they told me I lost ten pounds since my last visit a month ago. I did that with no exercise. I simply drink water and cut caffeine down to the absolute minimum. I cut my portions dramatically. I do drink Slim Fast to curb my appetite. It’s not too expensive (about $6 for a box of 6 or 8). I do eat a lot of lean cuisines as well. If you exercise you will probably lose a lot more faster.

  15. Eric S said :

    I dont know if it will happen fast, but the key is running or biking the cardio is what will lose that weight. Also you need to watch what you eat and have Green Salad i n your diet.

  16. Cookmeister said :

    Its hard to lose weight really fast, it takes most people months to lose weight. Your going to need to be dedicated and stick at it otherwise it will be useless in the long run.

    Go for runs, at least 40 mins.

    search internet for – Continous steady paced
    Fartlek training,

    as these are the most popular types of running.

  17. Jessica said :

    the healthy amount of weight to lose a week is only 1 – 2 pounds. A healthy diet and exercise is the most healthy way. If you cant go to the gym try jogging or speed walking outside for at least 30 minutes a day at least 4 times a week. High protein diet is good, try to cut the carbs and if you are going to have carbs try to limit it to the earlier parts of the day, definitely no carbs after 7:00pm. never skip breakfast, breakfast gets your metabolism going and you always want your metabolism going. Good luck to you!

  18. Amanda said :

    weight watchers.

    i was on weight watchers and i was only trying to loose like 10 pounds. I lost 15 pounds in a little over two months. it’s the best diet ever in my opinion. I have also known someone to loose about 30 pounds in 3 months..they didn’t even work out. but eveyone is different.

  19. bigwhitekat said :

    Exercise regularly, don’t eat big helpings at meals, eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. u should lose around 2-3 lbs a week at most, but 5 is possible, but if u want a quick fix, sorry. i don’t think there really is one. walking is always good, running, use 2 laundry detergent tubs, one in each hand as weights, do arm curls, use chairs in home to use for more arm exercises. check out this site. it will give u all sorts of ideas.

  20. jeromino2003 said :

    Hey try this:

    this worked within a month for me!

  21. teengirl2012 said :

    if you really want to shrink down then i would say aim for about 3 lbs a week. if you lose 3 lbs a week then you’ll lose 36lbs by the time 3 months is up. of course eat right just don’t deprive yourself of everything you love, and remember that now a days there is a healthy version of just about everything. but don’t gorge yourself on days that you want to “take a break”. try to workout for about an hour a day. running, walking, squats, abs, jumps, etc…

  22. Pro Trainer said :

    Check out the Fat X program. The videos and diet are free at

  23. Tim G said :

    Eat less and drink alot of water. Make sure to eat vegetables. Cut out breads. Only eat a small palm sized piece of meat with each meal. Make sure to eat breakfast, when you eat your first meal of the day is when your metablism starts.
    DON’T DRINK POP! If you can only drink water you’ll eliminate alot of empty calories. Pop, energy drinks, alcohol is the worst thing you can consume when you want to lose weight.
    Exercise everyday for at least 1/2 hour. You need to get your heart rate up by jogging, riding a bike, a treadmill anything like that, you should also do situps, push ups, and planks.
    Planks will help you slim your waistline.
    Do this everyday and you’ll see a difference fast.
    Good Luck and stick with it.

  24. Daniel said :

    Putting your finger in your mouth usually does the trick… Keep doing it and look at yourself in the mirror everyday to see the changes. But please, don’t overdo it, you’ll get sick…

  25. Christopher said :


  26. entiens2000 said :

    There’s this book that i am currently readin, its called Fit For Life. I thought it wasnt gonna be so great, but its VERY interesting. In case you cant find it in the library or buy it, here are a few helpful tips i got from the book.

    Your body has 3 cycles in its Natural Hygiene( process in which it cleanses itself).

    1. 12 pm to 8 pm is Appropriation Cycle-( when youre body takes in food)

    2. 8 pm to 4 am is Assimilation Cycle-( when you’re body uses the food its consumed and extracts the nutrients)

    3. 4 am to 12 pm is Elimination Cycle- (when you’re body eliminates the waste its not going to use)

    The key is to make good use of these cycles and not make them go into turmoil. For example, during the morning’s alot of people have the tendency to eat a “hearty” breakfast which can consist of bacon,eggs, and pancakes. But if you look at the cycles, during the morning your body is still eliminating the waste, so a big breakfast like that will only slow you down and make you feel like a slug. Here are some tips:

    1. consume fruits or vegetables in the morning till the elimination cycle has ended at 12 pm. The high water content in the fruits and vegetables will help your body to cleanse itself during this cycle, thus eliminating waste which can build up and make you fat.

    2. After 12 pm you can eat whatever you like, but dont mix too many concentrated foods or meats. Ex: DONT Eat pork, beef, eggs, potatoes, rice, all in the same meal. That is bad. You’re body will be busy creating all these digestive juices and it will slow you down. When you eat a meal, try to add a side of salad instead. Like a steak and a salad. Rice and beans and a salad.etc.

    3.Have intermissions of 3 hours between meals.

    4. Dont eat after 5-6pm or so. You’re body can take up to 3 hours or more digesting food, so if you finish at 5-6 pm by 8 pm youre body will be ready to begin its elimination process without delay.

    Again, you can find all these tips and more in Fit For Life. But in case you cant get the book, i hope these tips helped. Best of luck to you.

  27. Mezza PP said :

    its really bad to loose weight fast because i tried it and i put it all back on again and more and its really depressing.

    buying those weight loss tablets and patches do not work so don’t waste your money on them.

    try weight watchers and go to the gym and try swimming activities to burn off more calories. You could probably lose about a stone in 3 months.

  28. Allston said :

    Get off the computer, go outside and exercise.

  29. Brandi said :

    I lost 70lbs in three months by lowering my calorie intake, and walking 3.5 miles three times a day… this isn’t a diet, its a life style change


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