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How to lose weight after an eating disorder?

I got over my eating disorder two years ago. I am now bordering on overweight. Whenever I lower my calories, I either gain weight or my weight stalls. I am assuming this is related to the eating disorder (my body hangs onto the fat because it thinks I will starve myself again).

What can I do to lose weight? I don’t care how fast or slow.

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9 Responses to “How to lose weight after an eating disorder?”

  1. lolzoroflcopter said :

    exercise is always a plan. it keeps me in shape and helps me maintain a healthy weight.

    but thats just me, i dont know if it will work for you

  2. Rock1nit said :

    Cardio and eating properly will be your best bet. Hit the gym, or just go for a job in the morning or evening.
    Eat healthy! (Meaning, get all your necessary vitamins each day though the food you eat)

  3. Katya said :

    Well, you need to get your metabolism functioning efficiently, and that takes eating the right foods and of course, building muscle mass. Exercise regularly (though of course, not obsessively), but be sure to incorporate both cardio and strength training– again, re-building all the muscle you lost from starving yourself is incredibly important for you now, not just for having a healthy, strong body, but because building muscle increases your BMR.

    If your body isn’t reacting well to a decreased caloric intake yet, work on eating foods your body can break down and use efficiently — lean proteins to help build muscle, mono saturated fats from nuts, olives, avocados etc. for nutrient absorption and whole grains, fruits and vegetables for fiber and good carby energy.

  4. Jenee Castonguay said :

    Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.

  5. Rogier said :

    Hello, thank you for your question.

    Almost a year ago I had my personal struggle with having too much weight, I had been “big” for most of my life till now. Since then I built up my will power and changed my diet so that I cut down on fatty foods and starchy foods.

    I would recommend you cut down on over indulgent foods, and just walk part of your journey to work/school or wherever. Basically move around whenever you can….lol

    Losing fat was a struggle for me, but there are guides and resources which can help you lose fat much more faster without the pain of having a lack of knowledge on the subject.

    Hope you this helps, Rogier.

  6. tim g said :

    eat small meals at regular times. don’t eat late.

  7. fefe said :

    Losing weight is not going to be the easiest thing you every done but it can be done; my problem is actually gaining weight but my best friend had a problem losing weight. She was dropping 4-5lbs almost weekly, using something called the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet ( a diet and workout program that promises to get people to burn fat rapidly.

    Good Luck; It comes with an guarantee, so I guess you have nothing to lose 🙂

  8. Elrica Elrica said :

    Little Tricks To Help You Lose Weight Fast

    Yeah we all know that we are supposed to cut calories, do cardio and hit the gym to get in shape, but there are lots of little tricks you shouldn’t ignore if you want to slim down quick.

    Take The Stairs Taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day can help you burn some extra calories. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up. Over a period of a year, taking the stairs can burn off an extra five lbs. of fat.

  9. Elodia Elodia said :

    Lose Weight Fast
    In this article we are going to show you some sensible PROVEN Ways to lose weight fast.

    1. Drink water

    2. Eat regularly

    3. Eat lots of fibre

    4. Consume more good fats

    5. Get plenty of quality protein

    6. Carbohydrates can help you lose weight

    – Healthy life every day!


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