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How much weight can I lose eating 1000 calories a day & exercising?

I weight about 155 but want to be around 125-30. Is it possible for me to lose weight on a steady pace by eating 1000 calories a day and exercising up to an hour a day 4-5 days a week?

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9 Responses to “How much weight can I lose eating 1000 calories a day & exercising?”

  1. Sarah F said :

    Yeah. You would probably lose about 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

  2. ycantharrypotterb4ever said :

    I think 1000 is too much!…have each snack/meal you eat be no more than 250 calories and eat 5 meals a day

    dont starve ur self

  3. Leyla B said :

    its good that your excersing
    but u could probibly loose more weight by eating healthy
    and 1000 calories isnt healthy.
    just eat healhty and excersise you’ll loose more weight.

  4. Paul S said :

    yes, all depends on how many calories u burn during ur workout, its very simple math…. also, after the first week or so, ur body will resist losing any more weight, just keep on pushin through.

  5. OneWhoKnows said :

    A lot depends on your metabolism.

    I know people who can eat and eat and eat and not exercise and they never gain a pound.

    I know people who eat very few calories, exercise like crazy, and gain weight.

  6. Bill K said :

    no exercise needed, just cut the hair from your nose ears,
    and armpits!

  7. Tina M said :

    You can lose weight this way, but it is healthier and probably easier to eat the same amount just cut out sugary and chocolaty foods and snack less, eat your 3 meals a day and lots of fruit and veg. Exercise lots as well. I did this and lost weight, i felt loads better. Also makes you feel better as well, eating healthier is better, not less. If you eat less, when you start eating more again you will just gain the weight back. It’s not good.

    Hope i helped 🙂

  8. lowkey616 said :

    You will not lose much weight because your calories will be too low and when that happens your body goes into starvation mode. So it will hold on to your fat because the body thinks it is starving. I advise you to eat more calories especially if you are going to be working out that much. How much calories you should eat depends on your gender and height. Believe it or not the more you eat the more fat you burn as long as the food is healthy.

  9. JAmes K said :

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