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What is the best way to lose weight for a teenage girl?

My Body Mass Index is 24.3, which is at risk for being overweight and I really want to lose at least 5-10 pounds and lose fat in my legs. I am thinking of joining a volleyball team and swimming 10-20 laps at the gym 2 times a week. I sort of also want to eat good foods, like burgers once in a while. To lose weight, should I stop eating lunch at school and make my own?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to lose weight for a teenage girl?”

  1. jackkdurdenn said :

    its impossible to choose what body part that you want to lose weight in, although you can try dropping a couple pounds to where you feel comfortable, and do weight training. so if you want to tone your legs, you can try doing certain exercises that not only loosen you up, but also help build muscle, like jogging or swimming. if you have a high level of physical activity (no more than an hour a day) your body will be using the energy you consume, so it should not turn to fat. therefore you can eat an occasional treat, like a burger or slice of pizza without worrying about it. just continue with your routine and adjust as you go!

    also, school lunches are often high calorie foods that have no nutritional value, and really dont fill you up or provide you with enough energy to exercise. i would start making my own lunch…either a salad, a simple sandwich, or some yogurt and veggies would be great options. also, drink water. drinking sodas not only bloat you and make you dehydrated, but they are a waste of calories. hope this helped!!

  2. Pragun06 said :

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  3. Dren said :

    Do not skip your meals!! It’s unhealthy and it will increase your weight if you suddenly ate. Do it it healthy way and I know it works because I did it myself and lost 7kg in 2 months. I’m a teenage too!
    Here’s what I did:

    – Eat only at breakfast, Lunch and dinner (snacks that only includes healthy food)(generally eat berries and nuts as much as possible)

    -cereal (with nuts?) and milk
    -toast and a glass of milk
    -omelet and maybe a fruit smoothie (that does not contain unnecessary fat!)
    -Scrambled tofu
    -Grapefruit with whole-wheat toast & almond butter
    -Fresh berries, yogurt, granola

    -salad (caesar, you could have small amounts of meet and chicken as your body will need meat for energy etc.)
    -yogurt and fruit salad

    -Asian food (they’re healthy as they contain lots of vegetables), like rice with vegetables etc.
    -soup is recommended
    -stir fry etc.

    – Drink plenty of water (about 3 cups a day), Don’t drink any other things including those stupid diet drinks or whatever, the best is water!

    – Exercise for 3 hours a day (running, push ups, jogging, sit ups, playing a sport, skipping etc.) Make sure you do it daily so it becomes a habit. Oh and do it really early generally around 5:30 – 7:00am is best.

    – No junk food, chocolate, sweets, alcohol, coffee, etc.

    – Help other people (as well as exercising, you’re also helping the community)

    Here’s a whole list of recipes…

    oh and check out the calories you’re eating from here and what exercise is best for loosing weight:

    Here’s a fantastic site I found about exercising tips (there’s 42 tips)

    and that’s about it!
    good luck.


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