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Ive lost 30 pounds already but was wondering how i could lose inches without losing weight?

I mean i go swimming couple times a week and ill be starting to play tennis..( im fasting now though ramadan ) But after i will be…i mean what exercises i.e toning up exercises can slim areas without having to do strenuous workouts?
im 5ft 3 and now weigh around 119 pounds..but for 119 pounds ive still got meat around the buttocks thighs and love handles.

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7 Responses to “Ive lost 30 pounds already but was wondering how i could lose inches without losing weight?”

  1. pinksparkles321 said :

    You should do butt exercise to make muscles without it being flat or flabby. You can take kick boxing or you can do weights at home. You can try to push your wall to build muscle so you can tone up. Good luck. Also do crunches for your sides so you can get ride of anything you don’t like there. That is a good weight for your height. 🙂 Try to stretch alot. try to touch your feet. you can bend to the side and stretch your hand as far down to your side. Do it to both of your sides. It will help the sides of your stomach. Good luck. 🙂

  2. itssoeasy said :

    just keep a healthy diet
    also, turn your fat into muscle by working out regularly.
    you won’t lose pounds but your body will be toned and healthy.

    also, don’t forget to do stretchesbefore any sports.

  3. manno said :

    How to “cheat” – it sounds a bit disgusting – but it does actually work – if you wrap cellophane or a plastic bag around the offending areas – do a work out that causes you to sweat, you’ll lose inches – not weight, from the offending areas. I’d recommend trying it around your waist down to your mid thigh… I know some soldiers that used this trick – I’ve tried it and it works – make sure you throw the cellophane straight in the bin, though, afterwards!!

  4. Alison B said :

    If you can still pinch more than an inch you might just have to admit you may still have a few more pounds to loose. Are you seeking the easy option after having so well? Try Gymophobics if you have one near you, they are a ladies only gym, very low impact you are only allowed to go three times a week. Good luck !

  5. animallovinggirlie said :

    go to a salon and book yourself a few sessions on the toning tables, a woman from my slimming club has lost 19 inches from all over her body just from 10 sessions. might be worth a try

  6. Martin said :

    Lift some weights. They don’t have to be heavy, but do lots of reps. You don’t need to kill yourself doing them just do 45mins 2 or 3 times a week and you should start to tone up.

  7. funnyquestions said :

    Without offending other answerers, I would disagree that you can ‘turn fat into muscle’, or remove inches wrapping plastic bags around your body. Turning fat to muscle is physically impossible, it’s like saying you can turn an apple into an orange. The plastic bag method (or ‘waist trimmers’ found in shops) also aren’t a good idea as all they do is remove water retension from those areas when you sweat, but as soon as you take in water again, its back, so you won’t have lost fat.

    It all sort of depends on your goal. I’m sure you’ve seen really thin women that have hardly any fat, but you wouldnt regard them as having the best shaped body, rather they’d look weak and…’stick-like’. To achieve the shapely form, there needs to be some muscle below the fat, and once you lose the fat, the ‘shape reveals itself, hence the toned look.

    Therefore, although you’ve expressed your preference to avoid weights (I think), you really need to incorporate it into your plan, alongside your cardio. Otherwise, what you’re bound to find is that your body will lose the fat, but mostly muscle/lean mass. So you’ll end up with a lower weight, but still some fat with less muscle, and an unshapely form.

    Why? Because your body when not given enough calories, or when the calories are spent (through cardio) will believe that its starving. Hence, it will keep start keeping its fat, rather than lose it, because you’re telling it that you are running out of food. The fat then is your body’s storage. So instead of burning the fat (that it thinks it needs) it will look to other sources of energy to use, and precious muscle falls victim because keeping it is a lower priority for your body.

    To overcome this, you need to tell your body that it can’t eat your muscle because you NEED it to be there and its not extra. How? WEIGHT/RESISTANCE TRAINING. Your body will realise it needs the msucle to survive the presuure its getting from weights.

    So, again, to achieve a shaped form, not a stick-like form, I would strongly advise both resistance training as well as cardio, coupled with the right nutrition.

    Although its not the priority in Ramadan, it might be good to do some cardio as you’ll be eating less no matter what, even though you might stuff yourself between iftar and suhoor!

    (Sorry if I didn’t give the answer you expected, I just thought it’s more important that you have the right principles to help you gain your goals.)


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