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How can I get my husband to lose weight?

My husband is just a bit overweight and needs to lose 50 lbs. We just had a beautiful baby girl, and I want him to get healthy. The doctor told him he has to lose weight. I have tried to help him, and he tells me all the time that he has to lose weight and wants to, but he doesn’t follow thru. The problem is also that I am nursing, and I can’t really go on a strict diet. Is there anything with our diet that I can do to help him lose the weight?
He skips meals all the time as well-forgets to take his lunch, and the like.
For some reason he just never follows thru. If I talk to him about it, he just gets insecure like if I’m telling him he’s a fat slob (which he isn’t).
He also doesn’t have much time to exersize, since he comes home from work, helps me with the baby, and works on his music.
Please no rude people.

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6 Responses to “How can I get my husband to lose weight?”

  1. OK_WHATEVER said :

    skipping meals is not good because it lowers his metabolism. He needs to eat more often but smaller portions to keep his metabolism up. If I were you I would hold out on sex until he shapes up.

  2. mnplsvj26 said :

    sorry lady, he wont lose weight because he doesnt want too. People only change when they want to, so expect him to stay beached until he feels like the fat slob he sounds like, and hopefully he will or happy harpooning!!!!!

  3. Famous-Partcher said :

    make a routine , try not to waste alot of time

  4. truj777 said :

    First of all congratulations on the baby. Secondly, tell him to loose the weight for the future of his little girl. lastly and very effective, tell him no oral sex until he drops at least half the weight.

  5. Kim said :

    First I will say YOU CAN’T make him loose the weight. You CAN help him.

    First make sure he doesn’t skip meals. Fix him breakfast before he goes to work … it doesn’t take much time and you will both be able to enjoy some quality time in the morning. Second, make his lunch and HAND it to him as he leaves for work. Also, a morning snack and an afternoon snack … HEALTHY SNACKS … will help.

    Have your supper early … say by 6:00 or 6:30 as often as possible. If he gets hungry after supper, fix a healthy snack … air popped pop corn without salt or butter .. hand veggies like celery with a LITTLE cheese or peanut butter, carrot sticks …
    Doctors and dieticians suggest five SMALL meals over two or three big meals … as it keeps your metabolism working which helps burn calories.

    He doesn’t have to do rigid exercise … taking the baby out with you for a walk (around the block …) is a good exercise for both of you … cardiovascular wise and metabolism wise as well as swimming if that is a possibility. You can go with him even if you can’t go swimming because of the baby.

    You don’t need to go on a strict diet … neither of you … to help him with the weight loss. Fix more vegetables and fruits and less starches like pasta, rice, potatoes … but DON’T cut those out of your diet completely. Whole grain breads and pasta are good for you … cut down on the salt will help too as salt (sodium) will allow your body to retain fluid … and even though you may not think that is part of the problem, it may be.

    Unfortunately, all you can continue to do is enourage and not nag. Once the baby starts getting really active .. crawling and walking … he won’t have the opportunity to say “I’m to tired” or “I have other things to do…” the baby will control his life.

    He may see that he needs to loose the weight if you and his doctor stop telling him he has to. Encourage him even if he only looses 1 or 2 pounds a week … which he may do once he starts eating regularly and not skipping meals … his metabolism shuts down when there is no food to feed his muscles …

    Another thing, you may have his doctor check his thyroid, blood sugar, etc. These will also cause you to gain weight and feel sluggish. He may need a thyroid medication which will also help his metabolism.

    I wish you and your family good luck. For his sake, I hope he does start that weigh loss … but it is going to be a hard battle if he doesn’t want to. I know I said it before, but encourage and praise him … even if it is just a matter of him remembering to eat regularly and healthy. He will feel better if he does.

    Again, good luck. ;>)

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