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I have lost a stone in weight, whats next?

I have already lost a stone, now its getting harder to lose more Weight, i would like to lose another 9lb, but how do i do it ?, should i eat a little less than what i have been eating, I really can not fit anymore exercise time into my day

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4 Responses to “I have lost a stone in weight, whats next?”

  1. Lauren said :

    First I need to know your height, what you used to weigh, and how much you weigh now. It’s difficult to help without that information.

  2. Reed said :

    On some occasions dieting and working out just is not enough, because there will be surplus weight just lying around in the colon. It is not body fat, so it can not be melted off, however it will be flushed out, just by having a diet supplement. has a risk free offer on offer at the moment, I tried it and lost seventeen lbs!! Who says there is no magic bullett? LOL!!!

  3. ihaveasexyhusband said :

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far. As you say that you can’t fit any more exercise in a day I suggest that you do eat a little less a day.

    As you have lost a stone already you may find that losing any further weight be a struggle. Stick with your diet, reduce some food that you are eating as well as changing your exercise routine. It sounds as if your body has got use to the exercise / food intake and needs a quick kick to get it back to using up the excess stores of fat. You don’t need to change much, for example if you walk for ten minutes, up the speed a little bit, if you use the cross trainer for 20 minutes and the tread machine for another 20 minutes, use the cross trainer for 10 minutes and the tread machine, on a different setting, for 30 minutes.

    Please don’t give up, this is what happened to me and I have unfortunately put some of it back on as I give up easily.

    Good luck.


  4. Koko said :

    yeah when weight loss slows down, the only way to speed it up is to eat less or workout more.


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