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Why do you need to work on both diet & fitness to lose weight?

Surely if you eat the same as you’ve always eaten, but increase your uptake of exercise then you should still lose weight? I know it’ll take longer to lose the weight without altering diet, but it should still work shouldn’t it?

The reason I’m asking is that I want to lose about 1/2 a stone purely by increasing the amount of exercise I do, from pretty much nothing to doing a DVD workout 3x a week & walking for an hour a day (3-4 miles) x 3 days a week.

I don’t eat unhealthily – I have a balanced and varied diet. I already eat alot of fruit & veg, along with wolemeal bread most days, but do indulge in the odd treat as well. I have never dieted as I enjoy food too much, & always seem to be hungry as it is!

Thanks for your views, Becca x

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7 Responses to “Why do you need to work on both diet & fitness to lose weight?”

  1. Martyn said:

    In theory, this should work. It just may not happen as quickly. If you’re already eating the right things, then upping your exercise level will certainly help. It may just take longer.

    How much you’d need to up your exercise level by, remains to be seen.

    Good luck, go for it!

  2. iron maiden77 said:

    You already have a good diet and no,the occasional treat surely wont hurt.
    You will probably be able to pull it off with an increase in exercise.As long as you don’t increase your calories also.

  3. EDD said:

    If you are serious about healthy eating, fat loss, and body tone up, I have a program that will give you the body of a fitness model. It is a 4 months program that I made for my best friend to get her ready for her wedding. You can repeat the program as many time as you want or until you achieve your goal. With in the program you will find answer to many confusing questions. It is free. If you are interested you can email me at crazyeddie8228 at yahoo, and I will reply with the program.

  4. SarahLou said:

    That’s what I’m doing at the moment. I’ve tried doing diets but I just love food too much! so I’m now doing lots of exercise (running, kickboxing, walking, cycling) and eating the same as I usually do and the weight is coming off much quicker than when I’ve been on a diet!

  5. Polly said:

    fitness is good enough as long as you have a well balanced diet, you dont need to cut down cals

  6. ringoireland said:

    Weight gain and loss is simple maths. If u burn more calories than u intake u loss weight and if u take in more than u burn u gain weight.

    So I think u will see benifits even if u don’t change your diet, I was getting a bit chubby and so I started jogging 3 times a week and cycling once a week and I have lost all the excess weight. It did take a few months to start noticing but I was in no rush just wanted to do it slowly and healthly. I didn’t change what I eat at all.

  7. Biplob H said:

    dont take fatty and take more vegitable.


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