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I’ve lost half a stone over the last 10 days but how do I keep the weight off?

I went on a music course for 10 days but the food wasn’t very nice! So I managed to lose some weight! But now I’m scared that I will go back to usual eating habits and turn out fatter than I was before!! :S
What should I do?

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8 Responses to “I’ve lost half a stone over the last 10 days but how do I keep the weight off?”

  1. Insomniac said :


  2. brit said :

    half stone in 10days thats so fast introduce foods u like back in slowly

  3. Global Geezer said :

    I’m not sure what your ‘usual’ eating habits were, but if you now start eating healthily, the weight will stay away. Look to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to keep your body full of minerals and nutrients, and drink plenty of water to keep your digestion good and your metabolism high. Also see if you can take around 30 minutes of exercise a day (walking, running, swimming, cycling etc) to burn off any calories. Do that, and it should keep the weight off very nicely. Your body will also thank you for it if you keep that kind of diet going. You will feel so much better.

  4. Emma said :

    keep eating healthy foods, such a salads and eat low calerie meals.
    dont eat pre made meals as they are usually high in fat and salt content.
    and only eat chocolate and fatty foods like once a week (:

    and btw, congratz!
    half a stone in 10days is a llot!

  5. MamaB said :

    Aaah – if we knew that, we could bottle it and make a fortune.

    Seriously – carry on eating less, and exercise well

    PS I’m way overweight – do as I say, not as I do lol

  6. Caroline H said :

    well cut down on junk food – just make better decisions and do your best.

    if you go back and ate exactly how you did before, then you may get a little bigger because your metabolism is slower now, but what people forget is that your metabolism will increase to how it was before as well, so any extra weight you gain will be lost again and youll end up the same weight as you were before.

    well done on losing 7lbs!

    next time you go to eat something unhealthy, remember how good it felt to lose the weight and how much you dont want to put it back on!

    good luck

  7. kin said :

    eat ONLY fruits and veg for about 5 days, then start eating normally again

  8. Friends unknown said :

    First the bad news, loosing this amount of weight in such a short time is bad for you. What you have lost is muscle and water, you still carry the same amount of fat so percentage wise you are actually fatter. Sorry but the weight will go back on. Now the good news, the way to loose weight is in your head, you have just proved to yourself that it can be done. The Maximumin weight you can loose each week is two pounds, this level of weight loss ensures that what you are loosing is fat. Two pounds should be easy considering what you have just done. Be sensible with your food and you can do it, two pounds may not sound a lot but it soon adds up, good luck.


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