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Has anyone here ever been on a sucessfull diet and lost alot of weight?

How did you feel after you lost all the weight?
Where you more confidant?
Did it change your life?

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9 Responses to “Has anyone here ever been on a sucessfull diet and lost alot of weight?”

  1. Lillie said :


  2. babes said :

    Diets dont always work unless you exercise.. take up a sport, swimming is good as its a full body exercise..a Long walk with music in your ears or with friends..
    im taking up biking, and ive lost some weight and my confidence is great when i lose weight as i feel healthier..
    Try and have your goal to be healthy not to look thin otherwise you will aim for the wrong things…
    Im aiming to look healthier not to look thin

    and im sure it does change your life as your happier with yourself and not worried about what others think of your weight all the time

    Good luck x

  3. BabeHeart said :

    Yes…the problem is when you use a “diet” you tend to eventually gain the weight back. Diets aren’t meant to be used long term so when you get off the “diet” after you reach your goal, guess what happens?

    Long term weight loss (and keeping it off) happens when we make a lifestyle change. Don’t go on a diet (many of them are unhealthy anyway). Start eating right, watching your daily calorie intake, and exercising regularly.

    I went from a size 22 to a size 7 a number of years ago (about 90 lbs lost). I did it all the wrong ways and yo-yo’d for years. I’m FINALLY eating right and exercising regularly to get back to my goal weight and stay there (hopefully permanently).

    Yes, losing the weight made me more confident, happy, healthy, and look and feel better. There is nothing about being obese I enjoyed. I ate because I was unhappy. I hated how I looked, which contributed to me being unhappy, so I ate more to comfort myself. Next thing I knew, I was over 230 lbs (at 5’6″). I don’t ever want to go near there again!

  4. vodarevu 1944 said :

    I fell that you want to loose some weight. If this the case then simply eat half what you are eating and do regular exercises. This will help you to loose some weight Try for few days and see how you feel about it.You can eat generally any food but eat only half you want to eat. This will work

  5. Primal man said :

    You need the PALEO diet, my friend. I felt a massive loss of energy for about a week, but after your body has adjusted to running off fat as opposed to blood sugar(which won’t be there anymore), you will be feeling more energetic than ever before. The diet is composed of what humans ate during the Paleolithic era, the age of our warrior ancestors that would get into spear fights with Tigers and other big frightening animals. They were strong, fit, and most of all, extremely lean.

    Of course more confident, that’s what naturally happens when you are skinnier.

    It did change my life, I have a lower resting heart rate and have discovered a diet that makes you happier. Another good thing to couple with the diet is intermittent fasting. IF is a method of enhancing fitness by periodically going through fasting and non-fasting periods. What it does is simulate the conditions you would be under if alone in the wild, having to hunt for your own food. Sometimes there would be plenty of food, or sometimes very little. A cool biological response of the human body to a scarcity of food is increased HGH level, which helps build more muscle and burn more fat. It makes sense that when food is absent, the body would become more superior as to be able to catch food and end the starvation.

    A few methods of IF are the 20/4 fast. You fast for 20 hours of the day and only eat during the 4, which can be at any point in the day. You can further adjust this to 19/5 or 18/6. This can be done everyday of the week, or just a few days. Also alternate day fasting is a little more extreme but has shown to have numerous health benefits such as decreased risk for disease, and lower blood pressure. ADF is where you fast for 24 hours, eat for the next 24, and repeat. Any of these methods, or any combination of them, will make you lose weight, while maintaining good muscle mass.

  6. Ang3l said :

    I always try to diet but mostly fail. Theres just this one time when i went to aerobics classes two nights a week and went walking everyday and lived on mashed potatoes that i lost two stone. I did feel a bit more confident but it was all for nothing and i put it back on again so im going to try again this time so hopefully it works.

  7. sarsaparilla said :

    I’ve lost 24 pounds and kept it off — 146 to 122. It may not sound like a lot. But I’m 5’3″ and have a small frame. So I look like a completely different person. I went from a size 10 to a 4. I’m small but curvy!

    It feels amazing. I am wearing cute outfits when I go out instead of sweats.

    I don’t know if it’s changed my life, but it has changed my attitude toward life. I even traded my glasses in for contacts.

    I did it sensibly and slowly, walking each day, doing some light weights and eating 500 fewer calories than I burned. It took a full six months and sometimes it really, really sucked. But the weight is staying off.

  8. Elmbeard said :

    Primal Man’s Paleo diet has been adopted by at least one major religion. For a month every year, Muslims go through Ramadan, where they have to fast during daylight. In summer closer to the poles than the equator, this can mean fasting for many hours in the day.

    This will create problems at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, since this will take place in summer during Ramadan, and will disadvantage Muslim athletes, who cannot eat during the long English summer days.

    Many muslims I know cheat a little during Ramadan. Their midnight feasts are notorious, and it is not unknown for Muslims to put on quite a lot of weight during Ramadan!

    I lost a stone and a half in 2004 by cutting out all food with a Glycaemic Index of more than 50, resetting the metabolism to burn sugar rather than store it as tummy fat. I felt a lot better after that, but it was a hard diet to follow, since social eating provides mostly high carbohydrates, and it is quite difficult finding anything to eat out, especially in the middle of a working day. Cooking the main meal while tired after work to diet standards is also wearing. So in the end I gave it up and put most of the weight back on.

    Exercise is of course all important, if only because without it you get run down and sludge on the sofa with a ready meal and comfort eating because the mind is not occupied with something. I do morris dancing.

  9. Inca Yebail - The 6th profit. said :

    I found this page some time ago. Item 2.

    The advice is good. Also, having learned about artificial sweeteners, and what they do, I think that any “serious” diet plan should not include “diet” drinks or foods “at all!” In fact, you will lose weight a lot faster if you remove diet drinks and foods from your menu completely.


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