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Have any of you HOENSTLY lost weight from diet pills EVER?

There are so many out on the market, but how about the Green Tea diet pills? Has anyone even honestly lost weight from any diet pills?

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6 Responses to “Have any of you HOENSTLY lost weight from diet pills EVER?”

  1. Common Sense Genius said :

    I really don’t think there are any magic diet pills. If there were, your real doctor would be able to prescribe them for you, instead of all these shady sellers trying to get people to buy them.

    Just eat normal meals and exercise if you want to lose weight. Skipping meals is just as bad as eating too much.

  2. Gabe said :

    Nope i seroiusly doubt it. I’ve tried it myself once without doing anything then again trying to get over a plateu after losing a lot of weight, and they dont work. Yet they’re a multi million (or billion) dollar industry.

  3. amber said :

    i tried a couple different kinds i didn’t like them
    obviously they made me have no appetite but my goal wasn’t to starve myself so i would still eat small healthy meals but then i would feel so nauseated after i ate. one brand also made my chest feel funny and i decided they were not for me and i would rather lose weight naturally.

  4. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    The success rate of diet pills is very low. They are supposed to suppress your appetite.

  5. mrsbrady said :

    I used Ripped Fuel Xtreme for a good year and a half and lost 60 lbs, it has so much caffeine in it, it makes you feel like the energizer bunny and as long as you drink plenty of water it is fine. However; I started having digestive problems that I think was linked to those pills so I came off them, and the problem was caffeine is addictive in that high of quantities so I had a really, really hard time getting off of them. I don’t recommend diet pills to anyone because you never know what they are doing to you internally, and in the end if you can’t even get through the day without feeling sick then it isn’t worth it.

  6. Antonia S said :

    Trust me when I say this. I was a huge girl. Some major problems in my life got me compulsive eating disorder and I got as big as a truck.
    I started on Phentramin after I saw smb my size losing weight amazingly fast and I must say I lost weight too.Not very fast , but after a month I was looking like a human being again.
    I bought the pills online from


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