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Has anyone actually lost weight cutting out sodas from their diet?

I look skinny, but am technically about 15-20 pounds from my ideal weight for my size. I’ve recently made the decision to cut out all sodas from my diet, where I have been drinking 4-5 Caffeine Free Cokes a day, and try to just drink water. Has anyone actually done this and lost weight, and if so, how much and how quickly? Thanks for the help!

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12 Responses to “Has anyone actually lost weight cutting out sodas from their diet?”

  1. mystified_0ne said :

    Yes. I lost around 25 pounds the first couple of months.

  2. sevenseven said :

    only sodas? No, I doubt it, Soda is fehlerish, though, but if you cut soda and continue eating all sugar and A LOT of sugar and others, it wouldn’t matter

  3. Just a Girl said :

    Yes, I have only been drinking water and tea since this time last year and I have lost 15 pounds 🙂
    I don’t crave it AT ALL

  4. Lucia K said :

    yes i lost one pound

  5. ♥Baby, it's cold outside♥ said :

    It depends on the person. Personally, I rarely have sodas anyway, so cutting them out of my diet completely wouldn’t make a difference.

    If you start drinking more water instead of coke, you’ll notice a huge difference in your looks, performance, and overall general health.

    However, you need to indentify some unhealthy foods that you regularly have that are unhealthy for you, on top of that. Do you eat a muffin everyday for a snack after work or school? Ditch that for a portion of fruit. Small changes like that and you’ll be loosing weight steadily and healthily.

  6. niftymatt490 said :

    You will since you drink a high volume of soda. Don’t drink that diet crap either.

  7. GoToronto said :

    wow that is a lot of sodas you drank!! Since they were only ‘caffiene free’ that means they still had the sugar in it i think…… thats like 120-150 grams of sugar out per day!!!!

    How could you not lose weight!!

  8. heynicolette (: said :

    i cut soda out for a good 40 days and i noticed that it really makes you feel healthier. i would only drink diet soda but it still felt like a difference. i also noticed it makes your stomach look flatter. you will notice that it will make your tummy swell down.
    best of luck 🙂

  9. Kurt M said :

    well i seen sum guy in the newspaper who drank 14 litres of coke aday he was huge 24stone he cut the coke out and lost 9stone obviously with exercise 2

  10. ReadyNet said :

    When I stopped drinking soda I lost 15 pounds. But I had also accompanied this with a detox and a jogging schedule

  11. ShutupAndLift said :

    i try not to drink sodas but this is what i do
    the whole week i drink water (about 10 16oz water bottle) a day sometimes even more :]…… then weekend i drink Sodas and may be sometimes some alcohol to get my party groove on yeah ha

  12. chuy said :

    to tell you the truth im 5,7 i weighd 186 now i weigh 157 for just cutting off sodas and fast food and excersising i would loose 3 to 4 pounds a week so i was shocked but im happy now .


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