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has anyone lost weight by cutting calories out of their diet?

i mean drasticallt lets say 1000 cals a day?

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13 Responses to “has anyone lost weight by cutting calories out of their diet?”

  1. Jason said :

    I’ve tried just about everything to lose weight, and the best, and cheapest, thing that I’ve found is The Skinny Patch from The Anti-Aging Store. It keeps your cravings down, and boosts your metabolism, letting you lose the weight without having to go on crash diets. Also, they offer free trial samples!

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  2. Mike said :

    cutting 1000 calories is bad for your health … I suggest that you only cut your calories to the recommended intake, which can be found online easily, and exercise.

    Personally I exercise and use an other day diet.

  3. BR Tiger fan said :

    I did. I cut down to 1500 cals a day. That combined with walking 3 miles at a brisk pace every day, I lost 75 pounds in 6 months.l

  4. My Chelseasmile said :

    I eat 200 a day, and lose about 1 pound a day.

  5. Stacey said :

    You will probably lose some weight although as soon as you get back to your normal eating habits, the weight will come right back on.
    A diet that is below 1000 calories should only be done under doctor supervision.

  6. Nicola Matthews said :

    Well you can lose alot of weight doing that over time its like half of what your meant to be eating a day. I did it over along period of time and became very ill. I have alot of health issues now, id advice you to do it a healthy way and eat and exercise the food off without doing a unhealthy way out. You’ll see the change in a good way 🙂

  7. Emiliano Tailor said :

    just check out this video, it’s the best diet video on earth:
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  8. David C said :

    Will someone instruct this girl in the physiology of weight loss. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.

  9. Rabindra said :

    Man you’d loose a lot of weight doing that. I saw a friend do that worked but don’t think it was easy.

  10. Lynda Noden said :

    You would be very ill very soon if you dropped 1000 calories from your diet. Reducing calories from your diet will help you to lose weight, but as I’m sure yo know you need to change to a healthy diet and star to exercise (doing things you know you will be able to carry on with), try getting a friend to exercise with you as your most likely to keep it up that way.

  11. paul said :

    i keep a food diary and record every single thing i put in my mouth. my average caloric intake per day is 1,300. 20% fat 30% carbs and 50% protein(im bodybuilding) .. it really depends on how much percent you put into each of those groups. i recommend 20% calories from fat, 40% from carbs and 40% from protein.

    1g of fat = 8 calories
    1g of carb = 4 ”
    1g of protein = 4 “

  12. Sophie_88 said :

    I have been on a weight watchers diet. I have lost over half a stone (9 pounds) in a month. I have cut down on my calorie intake, but not by 1000, I think that would be to much!
    The best way to lose weight is healthy eating, little portions and lots of exercise.

  13. tj said :

    I don’t know, everyone is different is the key thing to remember, as for me, I’ve cut down to eating approx. 1100 calories on average, and I exercise to lose close to 200 calories everyday, which is like 10 mins on the treadmill running at high speed. I am not an average person in any which way, I am below average height, and above the weight I should be to be healthy – (I am currently overweight in my BMI). Because of this I think I need less calories.

    So far, I don’t see what could be so bad, I don’t let my body starve, when I’m hungry I eat, it’s just that I exercise when I exceed my calorie intake.

    The net calories in each day usually hovers around 900 calories, I want my body to have to use its fat stores, I understand that this can be bad, but I just want to lose quickly, and then spend a lot of effort maintaining the loss, I’ve seen it done before, the risk is that you can gain it back if you relax, but I’m not planning to relax, I’m planning on maintaining it.

    I eat wheat (fibre) and carbs mostly (quite a bit actually in the form of rice), I also eat red meats infrequently, and I am just listening to my body.

    I have lost 3lbs in 4 days, and I do feel hungry at times, but I ALWAYS go and fill up my tummy with food, but not junk, and I really watch my calories, calories really don’t matter, I’ve tried it, you need to be smart, before I used to eat a lot of empty calories, all those crisps and snacks, that in 5 mins you’re hungry again, I felt hungry, but at the same time I went past the daily recommended calorie intake, so to be honest, this whole daily recommended is only a guidance, don’t hold it as law I say.

    My opinion.


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