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Has anyone lost weight with spit and chew disorder?

Some people are adamant that chew and spit makes you put on weight because you still swallow most of the calories, while others say you can’t possible get calories until they reach your intestine.
Can someone who has had chew and spit please tell me the truth?

If you haven’t had it or don’t know someone who has please don’t answer!

Thank you x

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6 Responses to “Has anyone lost weight with spit and chew disorder?”

  1. watch out for goombas said :

    weird. my dad started using chew regularly to help keep his mind of loosing weight. it did help him though

  2. Marisca G said :

    Working out and dieting are important when reducing weight, but equally as important is the need to clean your insides. There will be as much as 20 pounds of additional weight in there that is NOT body fat, Fortunately this can be flushed out with ease with a brand new supplement available on a risk free trial at Give it a try – I did, and shed 17 pounds!!!

  3. sydsurfsroxy said :

    I’m sorry I’m answering.. but that sounds extremely unhealthy mate. just exercise if you wanna lose weight! don’t know if thats what your aiming at though. but please don’t do spit and chew. take care! 😉 i’m sure you look great!!

  4. :x said :

    idk, tried it once, had alot of problems back then, either way your gonna need to actually eat sometime otherwise you will die, or if you start eating again you will turn into a whale. diet and exercise is the only way that will work & keep you fit.

  5. christina g said :

    You do still absorb calories because your saliva breaks it down and you end up swallowing the saliva. you do lse some weight because you are starving yourself. A girl I knew got really bad with it and became really bloated and looked almost pregnant.

  6. Sali said :

    it is bad loose weight with more exercise like swimming, walking or even dancing, eating healthy food.


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