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Can you lose some weight by cutting out pop/soda completely from your diet?

I was thinking about cuttin’ pop out of my diet, maybe just having one ocassionally, maybe 1 a week, would this help me lose some weight?

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19 Responses to “Can you lose some weight by cutting out pop/soda completely from your diet?”

  1. michaelyoung_airforce said :

    Considering all the sugar in sodas, it will certainly help you lose weight

  2. Tracy J said :

    OMG YES!!!!! I used to drink a 2 liter bottle of coke a day, I cut it out and lost weight. I don’t drink any more soda at all.

  3. ronimg said :

    Yes, regular sodas carry a lot of “empty” calories. Switch to diet — or better yet, just water.

  4. NAN G said :

    Anything you cut from your diet, that is loaded with sugar as are soft drinks will help….If you cut out bread, sweets, potatoes and drink diet drinks you wil lose weight. Good luck.

  5. Alabama said :

    No, your body is programmed to have so many calories a day. You will make up in something else. Diet sodas are even worse according to research.
    Here’s an article about diet sodas:

  6. lamphinhome said :

    Certainly, sodas are empty calories …full of sugar.

  7. Laura G said :

    yes. it varies how much you will lose from person to person (i’ve seen a guy drop 2-3 pant sizes from cutting it out, when some don’t lose much). If you are overweight and have more to lose, chances are you’ll lose more than someone who is of average size.

    good luck!

  8. sebscola said :

    If you drink it regularly then yes. A can of pop has about 200 cals. If you drink 3 or 4 a day it really adds up. And its all empty cals that spike your blood sugar. Fruit has a lot of sugar too but it also has fiber. Fiber fills your stomach and causes it to empty slower so you don’t feel hungry as quickly and there is a more steady release of nutrients to your bloodstream. This way your blood sugar doesn’t jump. Be careful of juice too for the same reason. Fruit is better. Juice has no fiber.

  9. An0nym0us mAn1Ac said :

    I did the same and lost about 10 lbs in 10 days. Really worked for me, now I hardly ever drink soda.

  10. marie f said :

    absolutely, if you are replace the beverage with water or unsweetened tea or black coffee.

    If you think about it, one twenty oz. bottle has around four hundred calories give or take, just two 20oz. bottles is a whole lot of unnecessary calories.

  11. shalabah said :

    It depends on how many you are drinking a day. Think about this, on average a soda has 130-150 calories in a 12 oz can. 3500 calories are in a pound. You do the math. 🙂

  12. Alex said :

    Yes!!! Soda is very bad for you.. I wouldn’t go on a diet, just eat healthy andd exercise and the work will come through.. but I would stick with water for now..

  13. Sheri W said :

    YES! I gained some weight when I drank 3 per day and I lost it after I cut them I am healthier and feel better. 1 caution..DO NOT swich to diet sodas they are poisen..I gained more weight with them then with reg sodas. Also I know 5 ppl that after drinking them got blister like sores. The fake sugars don’t tell your body when you are full and you eat more with them.

  14. xxitskiller said :

    Yes. But not like 10 lbs unless you drink it every day. Try to cut it out totally. It works best to just go cold turkey. (for me, anyway.)

  15. Ethan Isaac said :

    Yes. It defiantly helps you lose weight. My uncle Jerry stopped drinking soda and after three months, he lost twenty-five pounds.

  16. Strawberry Tart said :

    yes the ammount of sugar in a can of pepsi is like 40% of all you need in a week. i did that i used to live on coke and pepsi but now i only have 1/2 glasses on a weekend and the reast water. i believe it’s healthier, reduces the impact on my pancrease and my skin hair and teeth are better. and it will propbaly make sense that you will loose some weight.

  17. flirtyqt said :

    Dont drink it at all and replace it with water or milk, that will help a lot!! 🙂

  18. Medusa [Nevermore.] said :

    Some, but excercise and healthy eating are still a good idea.

    Some lose more weight from cutting out pop than other do.

  19. njpsychopath said :

    If you cut soda and diet soda out of your diet completely and replace it with water you can lose 10 pounds in your first year.


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