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Does anyone know of a pill or tea that actually works at making you slimmer?

Technically I am a normal weight for my height. However I have quite a few wobbly bits that I would rather do without. I already have a pretty good diet but still wobble! Is there a treatment out there that that will help, so many on the market seem to be little more than snake oil?
By the way, just in case anyone is confused, by “snake oil” I mean a scam. I am actually a vegetarian so would have no interest in actually drinking real snake oil 🙂

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14 Responses to “Does anyone know of a pill or tea that actually works at making you slimmer?”

  1. ciaragw said:

    organic pu-erh tea from eden health and nutririon
    works but tastes like piss

  2. Carl eo said:

    in life there is no cure for baldness or fattness lol if thats the word.

    if it was u never seen any bald fat rich men.. and i see load of em..

    eat healthy and excericse is the only way

  3. Here I Am said:

    There are no substations for a healthy diet and exercise.
    But drinking 3 glasses of green tea in addition to a healthy diet and exercise may help.
    I have a python, so please, no consumption of snake oils.

  4. Jeffrey P said:

    Over the counter medication generally due not work, nor do most herbs. The FDA has approve 3 drugs for weight loss phentermine (Adipex-P, generic), sibutramine (Meridia) and orlistat (Xenical). There is word there will be another drug coming onto the market in the next few months that will work by a substantially new mechanism.

  5. gshear1 said:

    I am not sure that any pill can make you slim the only thing ive read is that they can damage your internal organs, the best way to lose weight in my oppinion is to eat healthy foods little and often and excercise for at least 10 mins each day , enough to get your heart racing, from your description you sound pretty normal you need toning go to the local gym and they could set you up a regime to help

  6. David said:

    If you want to get rid of the wiggle, of which is caused by gravity pulling everything down, do some weightlifting to tighten up every thing. What is quick and easy is to pick up something heavy, hold it for 1 minute. Lift and hold, Monday, Wed, Friday. When you lift, bend over, keep your elbows bent and your knees bent. That makes the muscles hold the weight, not your bones.

    Cannot decide what to lift and hold? Ask a restaurant if they can give you a couple of 5-gallon pails with lids that they throw out in the dumpster. Clean them up. Put some water in each, put the lids back on, Lift and HOLD for 1 minute. Once a week, add a bit more water to the pails.

    As they get heavier (ie more water) your body will get tighter.

    Use a wall clock with a sweep second hand, laid on the floor in front of you, to keep track of one minute.

  7. RUDEBOY86 said:

    um alot of sex helps

  8. taja m said:

    go to a chinese herbal shop

  9. You < heart > me said:

    Cocaine makes you thinner.

  10. KEITH M said:

    try a laxative

  11. phats_domino_uk said:

    There are no quick fixes to being overweight or “wobbly” (genius by the way).

    Dont get sucked in by all the crap pills and stuff you see that promise to make you thin. Just like those machines that electorcute you and supposedly gives you top abs in 6 seconds blah blah blah.

    Just continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Count your calories and you will burn off any unnecessary fat. You need to burn 3000 calories to lose a pound of fat. Count your intake and your usage from exercise (as well as the average 2500 for a man and 2000 for a woman a day). If you can burn 600 extra calories a day (about an hours good pace cycling) than you use for 5 days a week and only take in the amount you need on the other two days, you will lose a pound a week (a good healthy rate).

    Green Tea has all kinds of supposed health benefits like preventing cancer, improving your immune system and lenghtening your life span.

  12. Jae M said:

    Honestly, most pills make you gain more weight after you lose it or can cause you severly ill. Everyones been goin on about the “Pu-erh” tea and how you lose 2 pounds every day but it’s just ordinary cheaper chinese tea you can get in China, Taiwan or HongKong that you drink when eating greasy foods so that it breaks down the oil. They overcharge in US and EU for people who don’t know. But it does help.

    There’s also the “Slender tone” belt that tones your stomach and can shrink your waist in just weeks. It’s proven to be affective but not as affective compared to excerise, etc.

  13. Vanesa G said:

    yes there is this tea that makes you slimmer but I forgot ther name of it, Iit starts with the letter C I’ll find out!

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