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DIET PILL USER’S: what works?

I’m not looking to get spammed or lectured. I’ve tried every healthy way to lose weight and not a single pound has come off in the past year. Exercise, strict dieting, nothing has worked. All I want to lose is ten pounds, what is the fastest way to do it? Does Relacore work, Hydroxycut? Please give me any advise on how to loose weight quickly.

Thank you.

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5 Responses to “DIET PILL USER’S: what works?”

  1. Kingofthehill1892 said :

    None of them work. All they are is caffine in a pill to try and boost your metabolism. The only thing to weight loss iseating right. No magic pills.

  2. Michelle O said :

    the only one that has worked for me is HOODIA. not “with” hoodia just hoodia go to your local health food store. this is only an appetite suppressant it doesnt burn fat

  3. crazydaisy said :

    Relacore doesn’t work. And it gives me a huge headache! Phentermine helped me lose 15 lbs in a month and I didn’t even exercise.

  4. sabah2007 said :

    LOL I hate it when i ask people to help me with diet pills n i get all those lectures that ive heard n I KNOW for years…even if u clearly mention that u know about the lectures, they still dont get it! anyway Im a lazy ass i just answered a similar question for someone else so im pretty much just copying n pasting my answer again 🙂 coz it was pretty long n i dont wana type it all over again…neway…

    okay from my research i realised that hydroxycut hardcore is a good weight loss pill but it also increases your muscle mass….

    now it comes a personal choice…i wanted to lose some weight coz i was reaallly heavy…so i tried alotta pills….hydroxycut worked for me…but i took hydroxycut 24… it increases your metabolism…hence, makes u wanna run n run whole day 🙂 and it also targets body fat…(hydroxy cut caffeine free is more of an energy booster but doesnt target body fat)…once i lost 100 pounds n came down to a being fat from obbeese! then i started weight training to build muscles n started taking hydroxycut hardcore…

    the reason i didnt take hardcore at the start was i wanted to lose some fat before building muscles coz sometimes your fat turns into muslces which is good in a way but the bad side is u weigh alot…

    i am still trying to lose…n once i reach my target..i will start taking PROACTOL…its completely natural…”proven” to have no side effetcts n its not a fat burner its just a weight managemnet pill that helps you maintain your weight…n it can b used for a long term as well…infact it reduces cholestrol n other problems so yeh its totally safe!

    n for all those people who tell u not to take pills n do it the natural way….trust me….i know how hard it is…everyone is made different…i tried (i reaally did) to do it the natural weay but the results werent so impressive n i was losing patience…so yeh pills worked for me…but u gotta maintain a healthy diet n work out EVERYDAY if ur on pills if not your heart starts racing..

    hope that helped

  5. Logan A said :

    Acomplia is my favourite. Phentermine was also ok, but I have switched to Acomplia since it is hard to get good Phentermine these days and the sides were too nasty. Also It shows much better results. been taking it for 2 months now. Ordered from this site – . Took 10 days to receive the stuff.

    “Acomplia (Rimonabant) is an anorectic anti obesity drug. It is a CB1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist. Rimonabant has been found to stop food craving enough to help people lose weight, and could also help curb other unhealthy urges, such as smoking.

    This is a non-control weightloss solution that in one study, helped people who were overweight drop an average of 20 pounds, and was found to be very useful for patients who suffer from obesity. “


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