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What is the best kind of diet pill to take with a low carb life style?

I have been eating low carb for over a year now, and I feel stuck. I need something to help me start losing weight again.

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3 Responses to “What is the best kind of diet pill to take with a low carb life style?”

  1. madroxkran said :

    You’re really not supposed to do that for a long time. It can cause kidney problems.

  2. L P said :

    I used desert burn hoodia and lost 33 pounds and have kept it off for over 3 years now. I had back surgery in 04 and put on some weight because I was laying on my back recovering for a while. My buddy mark is practically a personal trainer although not certified or anything, just that he;s really up on all the latest fitness and nutrition supplements and stuff. Anyhow, I asked him what to do and he told me he heard good things about hoodia. I did some research and found out the desert burn was one of the best. I got some and took it on the first day and literally forgot to eat. My appetite is very strong I might ad so when i forget to eat it’s kind of a minor miracle. So I took it for a couple of months and my will power was very high and I dropped 33 pounds in just a couple of months and it didn’t even seem like I was dieting. I was so psyched about feeling better and losing the weight that I started my own website dedicated to back health, diet tips and all around wellness. You asked, I’m telling you. try hoodia. It worked like a charm for me. If you want, cut and paste: online health desert burn hoodia :into your GOOGLE search and you can read all about it and just tons of good diet and nutrition advice Best of luck and take care my friend. You just need a little help. Hoodia will help.

  3. Happily married said :

    Ignore all those spammers. The low carb lifestyle is the way to go. Do you exercise? Increase your exercise and you will not only lose weight and look better, you will FEEL better. You can keep a food and weight journal on and record your weight and what you ate for the day. That way you can recognize patterns.

    This is not that healthy but it is a lot healthier than wasting your money on dangerous diet pills: you can try only eating meat and eggs for one or two days, and it will break your stall and rev your metabolism. If you do this, please drink plenty of water and take a vitamin supplement. Eat some veggies if you weel dizzy, or too tired.


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