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What kind of sweetener to use on low carb diet?

Since processed sugar is out, what kind of sweetener can I use on a low-carb diet like South Beach or GI Index?

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8 Responses to “What kind of sweetener to use on low carb diet?”

  1. S H said :


  2. Lucine H said :

    artificial sweeteners are chemicals that will slow your weight loss down and eventually make you unable to lose weight

  3. NM said :


  4. Mia said :


  5. brandyvibe said :

    stevia is good and natural. also endorsed by Atkins diet guy

    “Stevia has virtually no calories. It dissolves easily in water and mixes well with all other sweeteners…I use it myself…”

    – Dr. Robert C. Atkins, MD, author of Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution:

  6. robert2020 said :

    You can use honey or some kind of artificial sweetener such as saccharin or aspartame. They are marketed under the trade names “Sweet and Low” and “Equal”.

  7. Bayan K said :

    You can use SPLENDA.

    The following points makes SPLENDA; the No Calorie Sweetener, an ideal alternative to sugar :

    * Created from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.

    * Low in calories and carbohydrates.

    * Ideal for the whole family.

    * Suitable for people with diabetes.

    * Can be used in any food and beverage.

    * SPLENDA Granular measures cup for cup like sugar.

    * Free of the unpleasant aftertaste associated with some other artificial sweeteners.

  8. Shelly Nutritionist said :

    Many people ask me how they can slim down. I recommend that people eat right and exercise. However, if they would like a little “help”, I suggest using natural Hoodia (it’s important to note that not all Hoodia works well, even if the bottle says “pure” or “standard”).

    The Hoodia sold at is in my opinion the best Hoodia on the market. It’s pure, has no side effects, and they give you a free 15 day sample (there is a $7.99 shipping and handling charge, but they also give you free recipe and diet guides). Fantastic results have been seen with this particular Hoodia.


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