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What is the best diet pill on the market so can I lose weight fast safe ?

I have been trying to lose weight for over 2 years now and have not lost a pound. What is the best diet pill on the market that is safe and that I am going to lose weight by summer time?

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9 Responses to “What is the best diet pill on the market so can I lose weight fast safe ?”

  1. srrsrrr said :

    Please don’t take pills. The best way and safest way to lose weight is diet and exercise.

  2. Whatmynameis said :

    well like the others said diet and exercise is the key. if you lose weight quickly on diet pills you are sure to gain every single pound and usually plus more back….the pills with effedrin are the only ones that i found to work. yes i lost weight quickly..but here 5 years later i gained all back. start walking and jogging at a park or even around your neighborhood. stay away from potatoes, breads and pastas. try eating lots of chicken (not fried) and veggies. fruit and drinks lots of water. no sugary drinks.hope this helps

  3. Just M said :

    There are many diet pills on the market; however, I have never used any of them. I am a male and I do eat fruits and green as well as fish. I also exercise (running and lifting) They can really help you depending on how often you are willing to do them. On the other hand, I do know of one diet pill that is approved by the FDA which is Alli and that is the only one to my knowledge that is approved. I urge you not to go for fast method of losing weight. If you start right now through exercise, you can be at your ideal weight by the summer. Good luck

  4. John de Witt said :

    Fast and safe are incompatible ideas. You either lose slowly and safely or quickly and with major risks. Moreover, if you go for the risk of a fast weight loss, you’ll be certain to gain it back. There is no pill, as a matter of fact, that’s ever been shown to help with long-term weight loss. They all can help you lose temporarily, but not permanently. And the yo-yo of having your weight go up and down, as always happens with pills, is less safe than staying overweight.

  5. Jen said :

    I’m not sure if diet pills are “safe” but some work. I’m not overweight, but have used hydroxicut (normal), and it made me jittery. I dont drink caffeine ever so that may be why. now i use hydroxicut MAX, which is specifically for women. i find that one to be the best. Only drawback i noticed is after awhile it kind of made me crash in the evening. with caffeine headaches and total lathargic. BUT it did get me down ten lbs when combined with diet and excersize. and i mean DIET! figure out your BMR (google “BMR calculator”) thats how many calories you should eat a day while youre trying to lose weight. The MAX helped alot with the diet i noticed, because it helped keep me from being hungry and i only ate when i was supposed to and not feel ‘snacky’. I also tried Slimquick. It was alright if you’d prefer a cheaper brand. but i totally dig MAX at the moment.

  6. Robert_Rizal said :

    I personally have used 2 different diet pills product with out any positive side effect and after long research i found proactol THE BEST EVER. They are the best belive me or not but in little over amonth now i lose nearlly 5 Kg

  7. Gloria said :

    I’m trying to loose weight, actually I have been trying for the last six months… I’ve experimented with a lot of different things, but I think I finally found something that might work.
    I started with some cookies made by a doctor named Dr. Siegel. I’ve started eating the cookies a little over two weeks ago and I’ve already lost 10 pounds. The cookies taste good and they work the way they claim to. Whenever I feel hungry I just eat a cookie and I won’t be hungry anymore.
    I still have a long way to go to reach my weight loss goal but with these cookies I think I can do it!

  8. fahen said :


    As we know,all reputable weight loss products can offer you successful weight loss. After all, Isn’t that what they are made for? But how many can offer you all over body results?

    Now we are not talking about a flatter stomach or thinner thighs. They too are a given, especially if consumers have also incorporated regular exercise into their weight loss management plan.

    What we are asking is what other natural health benefits/ support has your dietary supplement got to offer?

    Yup…we must ask about natural composition of the product.

    because the natural composition is match with your body structure.

  9. Top rated diet pills said :

    My choice for you is ReduSlim clinically proven ingredients that work fast.


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