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What is the best over counter pill to lose weight fast?

I am overweight and would like to take a pill to help me lose weight quickly. I eat was too much and nervously.

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11 Responses to “What is the best over counter pill to lose weight fast?”

  1. evan™ said :

    it’s not a pill.

    redline energy drinks

    they are in the diet and weight loss section at walmart and at gnc and stuff.

    they work great.

    they also come in pill form but i’ve never tried them

  2. Oops suspended again said :

    The only thing diet pills make lighter is your wallet.

  3. Brandi Brown said :

    Oh please don’t take a pill, it’ll mess you up and in the long run cause you to gain all tht weight back and more

  4. Rosat said :

    Why not trying alli? My sister had excellent results with it. It is a non prescription pill for losing weight that is approved by FDA. Although this is the case, there are mild side effects that are noted with the use of the product. The Alli slimming pill uses the same ingredients such as the popular Xenical. For those people who are overweight, this can really help you in a lot of ways. Alli can definitely control your urges for eating too much. This is an ideal choice especially for those people who love eating fatty foods. Overall, alli is super safe in order to achieve weight loss in a healthy way.Good luck

  5. uniquefashionista said :

    Since you want something over the counter, check at GNC and see if they have something that can help you with your concerns. There are several types that can help curb your appetite and help speed up your metabolism.
    Good Luck to you!

  6. Stacy said :

    Solo slim…. A year ago I tried that. My mom had to make me eat. I had to go outside when she was cooking because the smell of food was making me sick. I lost 30 some pounds with just one bottle of pills…. Of course I was also walking about 5 miles a day too. But solo slim didn’t make me feel bad at all. Usually diet pills make me feel like my hearts about to jump right out of my chest and i still don’t lose any weight. But anyways those pills did wonders for me. You should give them a try. Good luck 🙂

  7. Naoshige1 said :

    I’m guessing that’s a horrible typo for “way” too much.

    Honestly, if you knew anything about weight-loss, you’d know that diet pills, supliments, and other diet- created substances are horrible for you, and wont solve your problem, only postpone it a LITTLE.

    You need to seriously push yourself to get into a social group that works out, you could even start one! That sort of camaraderie, just like in the military, will give you the support you need to push through the initial resistance you have. Stick to a REASONABLE plan, targeting one type of muscle group every meeting, switch it up ‘muscle confusion’ and then see where you stand 😉

    As for food, just drink a LOT of water, eat protein (chicken, eggs) stay away from bread best you can, and definitely stay away from fast food. Fruit and vegetables are never a bad idea.

    Yeah I know it’s what everyone says, but the problem isn’t the method, it’s your fears.
    Good Luck.

  8. Georgia said :

    There is no miracle pill. Eat less, do more. You know i’m right whether you want to believe it or not.

  9. Patti said :

    I started using blackstrap molasses twice a day and sometimes forget to eat. I’ve lost 3 pounds the past 4 days since I started using it. It has a lot of minerals and vitamins in it, and I think that people sometimes overeat because they are craving some nutrient. It helps to balance blood sugar and also has iron in it to build blood (I’ve had an anemia problem most of my life). When I do eat I am now hungry for fresh vegetables, had a salad with yogurt dressing for lunch after forgetting to eat breakfast. I no longer crave carbs like before either. The flavor of blackstrap molasses is strong and takes a little getting used to. But it has no bad side effects and is very cheap. A quart bottle of it sells for $5.69 at my health food store. Regular molasses is not effective… A quart bottle will last a whole month if you take 2 tablespoons per day.

  10. Brian the Personal Trainer said :

    Hydroxycut. It makes you have much more energy and less of an appetite.

  11. Alex Warren said :

    Diet is major issue and it can not be ignore or treat by having medicine because some one has suggested you on the internet. I would request you to please concern your personal physician and then only start your diet plan


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