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What is the best diet pill to lose weight fast?

I need to flatten my stomach really fast.. I want to take diet pills. Which one is the fastest?

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4 Responses to “What is the best diet pill to lose weight fast?”

  1. Cuauhtemoc said :

    LOL there is no “magic” diet pill. Diet pills do not work. If they really did work, don’t you think they would be all over the place and the makers would be famous billionaires and not on late night infomercials. Only way to effectively lose weight is to work out and eat small portions of healthy food. Just do crunches everyday and you’ll notice your stomach change in about 2-3 weeks.

  2. Dr Frank said :

    Not only is this likely to fail to help you lose weight, but 2 in 3 so called dieters with the same attitude as yours, searching for a quick fix, end up heavier!

    Do you see the box near the top of the page?
    The one labelled ‘Search for questions: ‘?
    Well type in ‘lose weight’.
    You will find over 23,000 pre-existing questions.
    Try the misspellings ‘loose weight’ and there are another 6,500.
    In all there are over 70,000 Health section questions requesting solutions to being or thinking you might be overweight.
    On average these each yield 6 answers, that is over 420,000 answers.

    I can usefully summarise these answers in 4 words:

    EAT LESS DO MORE. Are you desperate enough to try this???

  3. sasha said :

    Thermo Phen Phen worked better than anything I have ever used. It kills your appetite and also increases your metablism by giving you energy. Excellent for losing weight fast.

  4. Joe said :

    Diet pill phentramin-d has the lowest side effects and the fastest. I’ve used it for many years and I can recommend that it works. There’s no side effect in my case but for some it could be little sleeplessness during the first few days of use or dryness of the mouth. Else, it is safe to use,


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