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What kind of workouts should I do on a low carb diet?

I’m on a low carb diet because i want to lose weight, I run alot and I also lift weights. Now i stopped lifting weights because I didnt want to put on muscle weight just yet. So what kind of workouts should I do to drop the weight?

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5 Responses to “What kind of workouts should I do on a low carb diet?”

  1. Clockwork said :

    Low carb is unhealthy just to let you know. Also, if you dont have enough carbs you can get low blood sugar. Look up hypoglycemia.

    Just not the ‘simple’ ones like refined sugar.
    Good carbs are whole wheat/high fiber bread and potatoes.

    Make sure you have at least 1,200 calories a day. Break it up into 6 small meals of 200-300 calories each. Space the meals 3-4 hours apart.

    Cadio exercise 5 days a week at least in 30 min. – 60 min. sessions. If you skip one, don’t freak out about it. Stay motivated.

    Weightlifting every other day! Eat lots of protein (but dont keep away from carbs entirely! It will drain you!), drink only water and Crystal Light Energy, and get enough fiber/calcium.

    You may want to consider taking a multi-vitamin and calcium+vitamind d supplement.

    Good luck!

  2. Alex B said :

    umm if your on a low carb diet then you won’t have alot of energy to work out.if you try to work out when you feel tired you’ll feel misereable.
    but if you really want to,go on walks and for one minute walk and another skip.make your walk 20 minute so you do 10 mins of both.

  3. MR.MUSCLE said :


  4. roninalik said :

    I always felt a little over weight, read the BMI charts in the doctor’s office and noticed I was overweight. I have never dieted before, so I decided to try Phase 2. I just took 3 capsules 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. There was even times when I took them before lunch and got tied up in meeting at work. So, I missed lunch, but I really wasn’t hungry. The Phase 2 made it easy for me, I seem to always have craving at night, but those cravings went away also. In 8 weeks, I lost 13lbs. I’m continuing Phase 2 to reach my goal of 175lbs.

  5. Ryan W said :

    Acai Berry? Talk about crazy diets….

    Anyway, a low carb diet isn’t the way to go. It’ll just drain your liver and muscle glycogen and cause you to feel tired for most of the day, cranky and genuinely out of it. The only people who might consider low carb diets are bodybuilders getting ready for a competition. A low carb diet isn’t something for the long term to lose weight.

    The reason it’s so popular is because it produces quick results. The problem is, that much of the weight lost on this sort of diet is a combination of muscle tissue and water weight. What happens is, when you restrict your carb intake, that also means your proportion of protein has increased. Excessive proteins are excreted. But, because, amino acids are charged, the drag along water with it, causing dehydration. Therefore, most of the weight lost on a low carb diet is water and/or muscle tissue (since your glycogen storages are depleted, your body will turn to muscle tissue as a source of energy).

    The key here is understanding the difference between losing “weight” and losing “fat”. You want to lose fat.

    So, the main idea here is to find out how many calories you burn on a daily basis just by surviving. To do this, multiply your body weight by ten. Multiply this number by 1.2. Then, add about 600 calories to account for your cardio and weight training.

    So, I’m 165 lbs.

    165 x 10 = 1,650

    1,650 x 1.2 = 1980

    1980 + 500 = 2480

    So, in theory, I should be eating about 2,480 calories per day, spread out over 6 meals, to maintain my current body weight (these calories will come from lean proteins, complex carbs, fiber and unsaturated fats).

    To safely lose weight without losing muscle tissue, you need to create about a 20% calorie deficit. For me, 2480 x 0.8 = about 1980 calories.

    1,980/6 meals = about 330 calories per meal over six meals. This is a great way to lose fat without losing muscle tissue.

    But, as with any diet like this, you’ll hit a plateau. I’d suggest using the “zig zag” method. What I mean is, take 3 days on the “reduced” calorie plan, while the 4th day will be a high calorie day (or the number of calories required to maintain your current weight). This will prevent your body from realizing that you’re under a calorie deficit. Over long periods of a reduced- calorie diet, your metabolism will slow to conserve energy and actually slow down the fat loss process. This “cycling” is crucial for optimal fat loss.

    But, a low carb diet isn’t the answer (unless you’re a bodybuilder getting ready for competition or you’re trying to break a plateau temporarily). This sort of diet just isn’t meant to be a lifestyle change – heck, your entire life runs off of carbs! Your brain runs off of glucose, your muscles run off of glucose, everything does (except the liver). You need to eat to lose weight, and that’s the bottom line.

    Hope this helps out 🙂 Good luck!



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