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What kind of cooking oil best for weight loss?

I’m trying to be on a strict low fat/ low carb/ high protein/ high fiber diet combined with 4 days of cardio and weight training. What kind of cooking oil is best for weight loss? I’m looking to lose over 50 lbs. I’m a 23 year old male.
I forgot to add I’m looking for something that I can use for high temperature cooking

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13 Responses to “What kind of cooking oil best for weight loss?”

  1. alone1with3 said:

    Enova and Smart Balance Omega both would be good choices for you. Good luck!

  2. diana l said:

    corn oil

  3. celebrity girl said:

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  4. Sir Greggath said:

    Its the “trans” fats you want to avoid.. one of the healthiest and easiest to digest is Olive oil

  5. Karel C said:

    The best cooking oil for weight loss is extra virgin olive oil. Use only 2 tablespoons in cooking. Mixing your salad dressings with this oil and balsamic vinegar is tasty.

  6. J D said:

    Well, Olive oil is great but it will scortch at high temps, so then I will use Canola. They both have a much better lipid profile then vegetable and other oils. Smart Balance has an Omega oil that is good also.

  7. tony2kuk said:

    all oil has pretty much the same number of calories but if you choose one that can be heated to a higher temp less will be absorbed by the food. peanut oil is a good choice.

  8. Joerunner said:

    Olive oil is always a wise choice in cooking oil. It contains monounsaturated fat which is actually good for your body. However, sometimes, depending on the dish you are preparing, you won’t want the strong taste that olive oil imparts to food. In those cases, I’d reccomend canola oil. It’s healthier than vegetable oil, cooks just as well, and doesn’t leave any kind of unwanted taste with the food.

  9. chuckdiesel99 said:

    Thats kind of a oxymoron. All oil is pure fat. When you trying to lose weight you shouldnt be eating fried foods to begin with.

    To get your daily requirements of good fats try using a tablespoon of olive oil or safflower oil poured over you food.

    Heating oil destroys the benefits you might get from it.

  10. yums said:

    some tips and articles on weight loss and dietary needs on this site

  11. Lewis R said:

    Extra virgin oive oil, unless you’re frying at very high temps, then either canola oil or safflower oil would be best.

  12. roman s said:

    no cooking oil is good.

    don’t do that high protein thing.. it’s bad for the heart and kidneys.

    just high fiber, exersize… right amounts of hydration and aerobic style cardial stuff.

    it’ll be better for your blood pressure and organs.

    i never known anything that is oily, fatty that is going to help.

    especially at weight goals more than 30lbs.

    high protein stuff you may lose 40 but then you’ll start sliding back upwards… that atkins related diet crap never works past 30lbs.

    and your heart won’t be too happy for it especially if you’re looking to build up and tone muscle.

  13. Anuj said:

    Use Jivo Gold Canola oil …….cholesterol- free and a rich source of Vitamin E …….canola oil contains the lowest level of saturated fatty acids of any vegetable oil. …….

    From now onwards use Canola oil only ….to know more about canola oil visit


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