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Will cutting out carbs from my diet speed up my weight loss?

I’ve heard that if you cut carbs from your diet, and eat lots of protein to make up for it then it makes you lose more weight.

Is this true, and will it help me to speed up my weight loss, since I already eat more healthy and exercise a lot?

Thanks guys


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4 Responses to “Will cutting out carbs from my diet speed up my weight loss?”

  1. Mr. Angry said :

    it will help yes

  2. J ROCK said :

    Yes ma’am. Carbs are used for your bodies fuel. If you limit that or take that away, your body will then look towards the next avail fuel…which would then use fat to fuel the body.

    Hope that hlps a bit

    ; )

  3. Davos said :

    never eat too much protein

    heres the formula

    body weight in kg x 0.8 = daily allowance of protein in grams

  4. Dr Frank said :

    Even while dieting you need to balance with carbs fat and protein. Your body will simply convert either fat or protein into the carbs it must utilise anyway.


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