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How does smoking help with weight loss?

A lot of people told me I lost a lot of weight when I started smoking again. I still eat the same things I eat. Could there really be a connection with smoking and weight loss?

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28 Responses to “How does smoking help with weight loss?”

  1. cas'1 said:

    im being serious when you smoke you have to crap so thats probably y.

  2. cool guy said:

    probably because smoking kills your body. smoking is the dumbest hobby in the world. you hurt yourself, waste money, and annoy strangers.

  3. My sage name said:

    It inhibits your taste buds.

  4. Nexus6 said:

    Nicotine surpresses appetite, so you may not be eating as much as you did.

    The other way smoking reduces weight is by helping you become a skeleton.

  5. Winchester Uni Chick said:

    Smoking doesnt help with weight loss it just supress you appitie however are the side effects worth losing a pound?

  6. Silke said:

    Nicotine, one of the components of cigarette smoke, increases energy expenditure by stimulating the central nervous system. Once this drug is removed from a person’s system, energy expenditure returns to normal. This difference is not very significant and the person should adjust to it in a short period of time. Smoking also appears to ease feelings of hunger. Smokers can usually overcome hunger signals by lighting up. Consequently, weight gain is often experienced soon after a person quits smoking. The average weight gain for people who quit smoking is less than 10 pounds.

  7. Coldhead fluman said:

    it suppresses your appetite, you don’t feel hungry as much.

    plus you have no money coz you spent it all on fags and therefore you eat from bins.

  8. RICHARD X said:

    You think you are eating the same but you are probably are not.
    You have a smoke instead of a snack possibly?

  9. Matthew M said:

    It’s the fact that instead of snacking many people some. Since smoking has 0 calories you don’t gain the weight. Even if you gain weight looking healthier is so much better.

  10. mexican leona said:


  11. Pastor Winthrops Atheist Son said:

    I don’t know.

    But I do know there is a connection with smoking and lung cancer, heart disease, empyhesema, cancers of just about every part of your body…etc……

    But on the bright side, you will lose weight if you get one of those.

  12. fluffybunny said:

    well you tend to have a ciggie instead of eating a biscuit or something else…that’s the reason…there is nothing in the smoke that makes you lose weight!

    my stupid son has just taken up smoking to stop him eating – how ridiculous is that eh?!!

  13. erin j said:

    It curbs your appetite, or gives you cancer which weakens your body making it impossible to bring a fork to your mouth.

  14. anonymous said:

    Smoking becomes a habit and therefore suppresses your appetite.

  15. Mr-K- said:

    only if you are a smoker, not if you have never smoked. For example at a break time. you reach for cig and tea rather than cake. Thats all.

  16. p_giffney said:

    smoking, for many people, can be a hunger supressant and therefore you ‘amy’ have been eating less of what you normally ate.
    it doesn’t, fomr what i understand, help you lose weight in itself, but prevents you from feeling as hungry, which in turn means less food, qed less weight gain.
    you know all the guff e: smoking and health otherwise – blahblah tar, lungs heart etc. blahablah but i’d look elsewhere for ways to lose weight and be healthier at same time

  17. *8 weeks pregnant with baby #1* said:

    you lose your appetite for food
    but just think when you quit, you’ll put the weight back on plus more
    good luck with that.

  18. charterman said:

    You’ll lose weight if you smoke alright, you will end up dead. Do yourself a favour and stop. Nobody likes kissing someone who stinks like the a pub ashtray.

  19. breeisthe_shizz said:

    You lose weight because when you smoke you don’t feel like eating. The more you smoke the less you eat because after you have smoked you feel full up and when you feel full up you don’t eat.

  20. m1ssx_26 said:

    People that smoke tend to substitute food for cigarettes, ie, if they are a little bit hungry they are quite contented with just having a cigarette. I’m sure though that most people who smoke regret ever starting. Its highly addictive, it makes you smell, it’s expensive and most of all, it can kill you! Why not just eat healthy if you want to lose weight?! If you smoke and still eat the same things then you will still be getting the same fat intake so wont lose weight!

  21. lyndseybirds said:

    I’m a smoker, smoking suppresses my appetite, maybe it does the same to you?

  22. Andrea M said:

    Smoking doesn’t actually make you lose weight. It just curbs you appetite, so you don’t eat as much.

  23. nosy old lady said:

    iT’S supposed to curb your appetite, but I smoked for 45 years and have quit 6 and I am slimmer now than I was when I was smoking!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Wizzy said:

    Its meant to suppress appetite. But smoking causes so many bad things it is not worth it. Why smoke something that is proved will kill you.

  25. paramedicdr said:

    I don’t get you people, did she/he ask please tell me about how bad smoking is for me? Answer the questions next time, don’t give useless side information thats been repeated millions of times. You saying you’ll die won’t make people stop, it never has and never will.

    People can smoke cigarettes and cigars and not get addicted to it, 1 cigarette doesn’t make you an addict, you have to keep on doing it.

    So don’t spread crap, if you give time for your lungs to clean out the tar your fine.

  26. Harsha M V said:

    1st of all smoking kills apetite to certain extent. and losing wt is not lossing FAT its losing ur muscle mass. your so fatique when u smoke tht u start losing muscle wt during the long run. thts how u have lost wt… its a big NO NO.
    either workout .. atleast a jog n eat helthy food

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  28. Traci Chukes said:

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