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Does green tea help speed up weight loss?

With a calories controlled diet?

I have heard things that suggest it help your metabolism speed up, does anyone know of any truth in this, or had successful/unsuccessful weight loss by drinking green tea?

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7 Responses to “Does green tea help speed up weight loss?”

  1. Beau said :

    yes it does. but not when it has 50 grams of sugar

  2. aminah said :


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  3. Memphis said :

    Green Tea can help with weight loss but it’s main use is for acne.

  4. Justus M said :

    yea, and the reason for that is it speeds up your metabolism. also it help give you nice skin too.

  5. Bill F said :

    It does. It increases the rate of fat oxidation.

  6. Mike T said :
  7. Kristen said :

    Yes, green tea increases energy so speeds up metabolism. I drink at least3 cups of green tea in a day and it helps me a lot to speed my metabolism and reduce my stress.


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