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How is drinking water meant to assist with weight loss?

I have read in a lot of pace that drinking a lot of water helps with weight-loss during dieting and gives you nice skin.
Is this true?
If so how does it work?

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3 Responses to “How is drinking water meant to assist with weight loss?”

  1. Heather T said :

    it flushes your system of toxins better than any cleanser can.

  2. jeffach said :

    it can help u lose weight if u drink it instead of unhealthy stuff ( soda, sugary juice…)

  3. Sleep said :

    1. It flushes your system, so helps prevent bloating, helps with bowel movements, and clears toxins (one of the reasons it’s good for your skin)

    2. It helps with circulation, meaning you won’t get build-up of fatty deposits or cellulite

    3. It stops you getting dehydrated, meaning you have more energy and thus burn more calories (if you are dehydrated you become lethargic and tired, regardless of how much food energy, i.e. calories, you consume)

    4. It fills you up. Water is zero calorie, so filling up on water means you will be less inclined to eat away your peckishness with calorie-filled snacks or drink away your thirst with sugar-filled or chemical-filled drinks.

    5. It hydrates your skin – you will have much less dry, cracked skin if you are well hydrated, and your complexion will be generally rosier too. Also good hydration helps reduce bags under the eyes, will slow the emergence of wrinklesover time, and prevents cellulite.


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