Some questions about loose skin after weight loss?

Some people get loose skin from losing a lot of weight fast and the advice is to lose weight slowly. But why wouldn’t loose skin from fast weight loss eventually shrink after a while? (the same amount of time it would have taken you to lose the weight slowly anyway)
Also, it is said that exercise and building muscle helps but is this just because the muscle replaces the space left from the fat? Doesn’t that mean you would never look slim without looking like a body builder or getting surgery?

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4 Responses to “Some questions about loose skin after weight loss?”

  1. xXTiger_StormXx said:

    ok i have come across this question a few times. Your skin is like an elastic band once the weight has been lost as long as you follow a healthy diet with plenty of exercises you will tone your skin. The only problem you will have is stretch marks if you have the now you wont get rid of them they will fade but not disappear but there is plenty of creams on the market that will assist in this.

  2. Sahil said:

    I can understand you want to loose your weight slowly. You can eat a healthy breakfast generally feel less hungry throughout the day.Drink a glass of water or some tea just before a meal,main thing is to do that is exercise, It burns calories and suppresses the appetite, and it’s awfully hard to lose weight without doing it. An easy way to get started is to strap on a pedometer and go for a walk, then work on increasing your mileage from one week to the next.You can get more ideas from here,54.html i am sure it may be helpful for you to get more ideas for loosing your weight.

  3. LillyB said:

    It makes no difference whether you lose weight fast or slow – if your skin has been stretched too far it will not go back.

  4. Black Beauty said:

    Loose skin is a consequence of lost elasticity in the skin due to prolonged stretching of the skin. There’s nothing to be done about it short of plastic surgery. You’ve seen it on TV, when all those folks get those extreme makeovers and they trim away the excess fat and do “body lifts” essentially cutting off the fat and sewing the person back up. If you don’t have that option, there’s the old school method of camouflage. Wear layered clothing to cover your extra padding or wear a piece of shapewear to keep your physique streamlined. There’s really no in between.


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