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How exactly doe drinking water aid weight loss?

I don’t need to drink it to feel full as I rarely eat between meals and if I do snack its either a piece of fruit or Weight Watchers healthy snack. As an experiment I drank two litres of water daily for a month and actually gained weight.
Message to RUMER – I don’t drink milk shakes and coke or pepsi.

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13 Responses to “How exactly doe drinking water aid weight loss?”

  1. Justin Time said:

    It doesn’t it puts weight on. You body is largely water.

  2. Val said:

    It helps boost your metabolism.

  3. Rumer said:

    by drinking water it quenches ur thirst for milk shakes and coke or pepsi..just drink soioo much water you dont crave drinks with lots of calories=]

  4. G&M said:

    Yes it does. If you are dehydrated, it slows your metabolism down. Plus water will help you not feel hungry as often.
    The only way it will make you gain weight is water retention. Try to cut down on the salt and they should help. If not, you need to see a dr.

  5. ianhad said:

    I don’t know. Doesn’t work for me. I drink plenty of beer, which is 95% water, and I put weight ON! Very odd.

  6. matthew said:

    it speeds up tour metabolism.

  7. Dr Frank said:

    Simple answer it does not help you lose weight.

  8. Hari H said:

    Shoot for eight glasses a day, as conventional wisdom suggests. It seems like a lot, and it is, but only if you try to drink it all at once. Spread your water consumption throughout the day, replacing the sodas or sugary drinks you normally have with meals with a couple of glasses of water. If you drink two glasses with lunch and two with dinner, you’re halfway there. And you’ve avoided all the calories found in those other beverages. You may also prevent overeating by staying well-hydrated.

  9. Jason R said:

    It doesn’t, it just helps flush excess water from your body which makes you appear to lose weight. This isn’t fat you’ve lost though, just water weight via urination.

  10. Errick Ang said:

    Drinking water, coffee and green tea is among the best drinks you want to consider if you want to reduce fat. Water works wonders to keep you well hydrated and prevents you from mistaking thirst for hunger. This is very effective as it is a common problem for many dieters misinterpreted thirsty as hungry. Caffeine in coffee can help you tackle more intense workouts, which can translate to burning more calories and reduce weight gain. Drinking green tea may raise metabolism and help you lose some weight.

  11. clarissa said:

    There are many ways that water helps you to lose weight. It has a lot to do with the function of the kidneys and the liver. There’s a very informative article about it here

  12. Sandy said:

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