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What are the risks of taking weight loss pills?

I’ve been trying to lose weight recently. I’ve been really healthy, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and doing excercise, but my weight never goes down it just stays the same. So i considered weight loss pills. Is it true that after you stop taking them you’ll put on weight like crazy? Are they bad for you? I just want to know if its true that you gain weight when you stop taking them, as i dont want to be taking them for the rest of my life. Any info on this would be great. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “What are the risks of taking weight loss pills?”

  1. NT said :

    percent of body fat is more important, not weight. if weight was more important then most bodybuilders would be considered overweight. weight loss pills usually dont work and if they do they arent good for the heart and more than likely you will gain all that weight back when off the pills…

  2. the_healthy_life said :

    If you would like a natural weight to accomplish your goal, let me know.
    There is no reason that anyone should be using these drugs.

  3. Sophia J said :

    Weight loss is a constant struggle. If you are attempting to get rid of weight, it is pivotal to understand that it cannot be done adequately overnight. There are thousands of products on line. It is best to stay away from weight loss supplements, as they almost never live up to the expectations. Many products also promise to get rid of certain types of fat. But they are all fakes, only pokes hole in pocket, they may lead you to certain other ailments. Better avoid them follow a healthy weight loss program.

  4. chemmanian said :

    Many doctors don’t advice weight loss pills. They don’t work at all. If at all they work then it will be by affecting the health of your body.
    Many pills simply drain the necessary fluid content of your body making you feel thin. The unnecessary body fats are still there, so this really does not prove to be a proper solution.
    Some other pills curb your hunger and your cravings will automatically disappear.Finally they are very expensive and why would you waste money while there are inexpensive easy ways.

  5. Rob W said :

    Hi. In my experience, the weight loss pills I’ve used have limited my want of food. taking the pills can help you lose weight, but you still need to watch your diet closely after losing the weight and stopping the pills.

    You may want to take a more natural step to begin with. I’ve been very successful with it. there is a fruit call acai-berry that’s harvested in the Amazon. They make a supplement with it that not only helps you lose weight, but helps your body get rid of toxins that can cause you to gain weight.

    they’re offering free trials now and I think you only pay for shipping. They also have a lot of info on natural weight loss. You can check them out here.

    Good luck!!

  6. kieran_cranley said :

    Hi There,
    Like with most weight loss programs there are lots o risks if not followed correctly. Most Diet pills don’t have side effects but problems are cause mainly by lack of nutrition and exercise while taking the pills. Diet pills with fat binding and appetite suppressant properties are very effective for long term and short term weight loss.
    Balanced diet along with a small amount of exercise can overtime adjust your weight and metabolism to excellent easy to maintain state.
    Proactol, gives good advice and a follow through program to help maximize the results.

  7. Troy L said :

    Dieting is basically about eating less calories per day then you burn. While this is the basics of dieting, it is also true once you stop taking the weight loss pills. The weight loss pills will increase your metabolism, which will cause you to burn more calories. This will lead to a negative calorie count for the day. This will allow you to kick your diet into high gear.

    The problem with stopping the diet pills is the fact that your metabolism eventually returns to normal. When it returns to normal you need to know how many calories you are burning each day and make sure you are eating less than you are burning. If you eat less calories per day then you are burning once you stop the diet pills, then you will not add the weight back.

  8. DP_MAN said :


    obviously every person you tell about weight loss pills will be worried about it even deep inside you , you know its wrong, why would you ask a question like this if you don’t think its wrong…
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